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Attention comes from Charlie Puth’s second album, Voice Notes. It was written by the artist himself and Jacob Kasher. The song focuses on the pop genre, which pays homage to the 1980s soul and funk era. Attention was released under the Artistic Partner and Atlantic labels in 2018. Fun fact! The song was recorded at Puth’s home studio at his house, which makes him the producer as well.

How to Download Charlie Puth – Attention

You can download the song from a digital store such as Amazon Music or Apple Music – click on the Download button that is located below this review. If you like Charlie’s songs, check out also our review of We Don’t Talk Anymore (with Selena Gomez).

The Song Review

Attention by Charlie Puth Lyrical Interpretation

The young and talented artist has admitted that the song directly addresses a former lover that shall remain unnamed. However, we know it is his first love. We can debate the girl’s identity. Unfortunately, your guess is as good as ours since Puth had girlfriends before the song was released. Yet, his fans want the mystery solved.

The song portrays the events post-breakup when they have decided to go their separate ways. However, the ex-lover is coyly thinking of ways to get Puth’s attention. Thus, the song title. Puth was told she talks about him in social gatherings behind his back through the grapevine, acting the ex-lover is still associated with him. Surprisingly, she is aware the chatter will travel toward Puth, which has been her objective all along.

The ex has been attending “every party in LA,” hoping to cross paths with the artist. The girl plans slyly since she knows Puth’s social circle from the time they were dating. As the behavior becomes repetitive, Puth is sure she is trying to get his attention, but she does not love him. She wears his favorite outfit and the perfume Puth gifted her to get his attention.

In the latter half of the song, Puth falls victim to her strategies. He is now interested in meeting up with her and starting the relationship anew. Puth’s previous romantic feelings toward her are surfacing. However, the artist is still confused about why she is doing all this.

His primary guess is the previous lover doesn’t actually want him. Still, his trying to get his attention, so he realizes what he missed out on. Secondly, due to her conniving planning, Puth sees her as an object of desire he must have to satisfy the yearning lust. Lastly, possibly, the previous lover attempts to dissuade the artist from his current lover. She is jealous that Puth is dating someone else now and cannot contemplate seeing him with someone else.

Attention by Charlie Puth – the Video

Attention music video was directed by Emil Nava. It was shot in Hollywood Hills with Charlie browsing the clubs, socializing with his friends. The music video transitions between the bar scenes and Charlie Puth intensely looking at the camera. He delivers his lyrics emphatically, and you can feel his confusion represented by the lyrics.

Throughout the bar setting, her ex is played by a blonde who Charlie notices in his peripheral vision. She wears a body-hugging red dress with loose hair and smoky make-up. Her presence is hard to miss, which she was hoping for. She admires Charlie from afar while making small talk with the guests at the party. However, her gaze constantly tracks Charlie’s movements.

The cat and mouse chase finally ends when she gets a hold of Puth outside his house. She breaks his stuff and throws around décor to get his attention to make Charlie submit. She succeeds toward the end, and both spend the night together.

Follow Charlie Puth on His Social Media

Charlie Puth is an incredibly talented musician with one hidden talent you may not know of. He can accurately guess music tones from objects or instruments. Puth also makes extremely entertaining TikToks from his home studio. Follow his account to enjoy his musical talent.

Charlie Puth - Attention
Attention is a song by Charlie Puth (1991) who is an American singer. Download it now and enjoy the sound of his voice.
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Charlie Puth - Attention Review Summary

  • Attention by Charlie Puth captures the toxicity in the relationship, making the song relatable.
  • The director’s talent is well-represented with story progression synchronized with the lyrics.
  • The lighting and set design highlight the jealous ex, shaping her as the villain in Puth’s story.
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