Christian Nodal – Adiós Amor

Adiós Amor translated as “Goodbye, my love,” is a famous song that is an original composition by Salvador Garza. The song was recorded and released for the first time in 2008 by Los Dareyes de la Sierra. In the year 2017, Christian Nodal was the one who made this song recorded with the Mariachi.

After the song’s release, it became popular and ranked Number 1 in the charting Top 20 Best Mexican Songs. It became the number 2 ranking on the Billboard Top Chart Latin Songs in the US. The song was honored with the Regional Best Mexican Song of the Year during the 2018 Billboard Latin Music Awards.

How to Download Christian Nodal – Adiós Amor

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The Song Review

Christian Nodal – Adiós Amor – the Meaning of the Lyrics

Talking about the song’s lyrics, this song is a sad song where a couple is about to break up very soon. Nodal, the singer of the song, has projected his feelings for a girl who is no happier with him in this relationship.

The lyrics of the song are so simple. Although they are in Spanish, you can translate them into English to better understand the whole song’s meaning. The singer is telling the girl that it’s time to say goodbye to this relationship because none of us are happy and are not making efforts to give love to one another.

Video Interpretation of Christian Nodal – Adiós Amor

The video of this musical song starts from a farmhouse, sort of a place where Nodal is all dressed in a cowboy suit in which he looks dapper. Although the song is dedicated to a lady, the presentation of the lady is not visible in the whole song. Nodal is just expressing his feelings through the song.

Video is quite soothing and satisfying, which will make you watch it again and again. 

Have you listened to Christian Nodal – Adiós Amor?

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About Christian Nodal

Talking about the artist, Christian Jesus González Nodal is a famous Mexican singer who belongs to Mexico. In 2017, he made his debut in the music industry with the release of his first studio album, Me Dejé Llevar. This album was given substantial critical acclaim with great success. 

Nodal was honored with 3 Latin Grammy Awards, Lo Nuestro Award, 2 Billboard Latin Music Awards, and a Latin American Music Award.

In 2019, he came up with the release of 2nd studio album entitled Ahora, which made its way into the Billboard Top Chart Latin Albums within the United States. Nodal even did a world tour for the promotion of his album.

Christian Nodal - Adiós Amor
Adiós Amor is a hit song by Christian Jesus González Nodal (1999) who is a talented Mexican singer. Download it now and enjoy the music and lyrics.
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Christian Nodal - Adiós Amor Review Summary

  • The beat and bass musical tone of the song is quite beautiful
  • The video of the song is very satisfying
  • Spanish wording of the song is not easy to understand. Translate it
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