Coldplay – Hymn For The Weekend

Some songs are just there forever! Well, Coldplays Hymn for the Weekend is surely one of them. This was a single hit, which instantly grabbed attention and appraised internationally. Hymn for the Weekend is one of the finest by Coldplay, the globally famous British rock band. This song is from their 7th studio album named “A Head Full of Dreams.” Hymn for the Weekend will surely go down the history as one of the best songs of all time.

Now, what are the factors behind its sheer success? First, people because this song is by Coldplay. The next reason that has massively contributed to its success is the featured appearance of one other than Beyoncé. Yes! Her vocals at the beginning and surprise appearance gave this song the real boost. However, her appearance was uncredited. That is why; many were unaware until she graced the music video with her part.

How to Download Coldplay – Hymn For The Weekend

You can download the song from Amazon Music. Click on the Download button located at the end of this review.

The Song Review

The song was officially released with a vibrant music video on January 29, 2016. It was recorded in the year 2015.

Not a Typical Coldplay Song, People!

Honestly, it is not one of those Coldplay staple songs. We believe it somehow brought a new touch. That is why; it became a commercial and critical success. The versatility of vocals, music video, and music made it stand out.

It was written by the members of the Coldplay members Chris Martin, Will Champion, Guy Berryman, and Jonny Buckland. The late celebrated singer Avicii was also part of the production.

Now, this beautiful song was first supposed to be a party song. However, the band members then changed that to make it more of a Cold lay thing. Well, thank God, they did. The heavenly singer Beyoncé was asked to sing, and glad she accepted the request.

The song became an instant commercial success. First, this song topped at the sixth spot on the UK Singles Chart. Moreover, the song was in the top 20 for several countries, such as Switzerland, Sweden, Austria, Belgium, and France. The song was also featured on the Billboard Hot 100 songs chart, at the 25th spot.

You can groove to it!

When it comes to critical success, the song received positive reviews. Billboard referred to the song as “The Album’s Grooviest.” Honestly, one can surely do that with Hymn for the Weekend. Beyoncé’s iconic appearance grabbed a lot of critical appraise. A critic at Idolator referred to the song as “Beyoncé-assisted Hymn for the Weekend.” The critic further added that as a track, which is featuring Beyoncé, you would expect a show-stopping moment. The Daily Telegraph critics wrote, “Beyoncé makes more of her appearance on ‘Hymn for the Weekend,’ bringing her chunky harmonies and no-nonsense brass section to a peppy little excursion into indie R&B which opens with a paradisiacal fanfare and finds Martin dropping out of his falsetto autopilot into a more raw voice.”

Hymn for the Weekend Music Video

The music is just out of this world. It is full of vibrant colors, culture, and an energetic vibe. The music video was shot in several locations in India. It takes the theme of Holi, the Indian color festival. This video became Coldplay’s most viewed music video with over 1.4 billion views. Chris Martin and other band members are seen performing and interacting with the local people of India. Apart from Beyonce, this banger’s music video also included a brief cameo from the Bollywood actor and socialite Sonam Kapoor Ahuja.

Music Composition

It is developed and written basically in the key of C minor. Moreover, it is perfectly complemented with a moderate tempo.

Coldplay - Hymn For The Weekend
Hymn For The Weekend is a song by Coldplay that comes from their A Head Full of Dreams album from 2015. Download it now and have a good time.
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