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The line “Baby, I am Worth it”. We bet after reading it, you felt a bit of attitude in yourself. Well, that is the power of ‘Worth It,’ a hit pop song from Fifth Harmony, featuring Kid Ink. The song is a banger and became a sleeper hit after its release. There is no doubt that Worth It is a career highlight for Fifth Harmony, the American all-girl singing group. On YouTube, the song was released on March 25, 2015, and stands proudly in the league of billion-view songs. Currently, Worth It has over 2 billion YT views, and it continues to garner more success. This song was the third and final number from the group’s 1st studio album, Reflection, 2015.

How to Download Fifth Harmony – Worth It

You can download the song from iTunes. To do so – click on the Download button located below this review. Check out also another hit by this girl band – Work from Home.

The Song Review

Worth it – A Sleeper Hit!

Essentially, Worth it became a sleeper hit after its release. In terms of commercial performance, it kept fluctuating. Moreover, the song kept entering and exiting various charts. Worth It got on the UB Billboard Hot 100 Songs chart and exited it the same week. It re-entered the chart in the third week. This consistent exits and entries made the song’s commercial performance roller coaster ride. Whatever it be, the song was a massive hit.

It has been certified quadruple in Platinum by RIAA in the USA. Besides that, the song has Gold certifications in 11 countries. ‘Worth it’s fluctuating commercial performance was observed in various other music charts, globally.

Lots of Attitude!

Worth It received a mix of reviews from leading media houses and critics.

The Artist Direct applauded the song and wrote, “An empowering refrain that is impossible to shake, especially when coupled with a slippery beat.”That is absolutely right that the song is powerful. Critics at And pop stated that the song is “filled with lots of attitude and rhythmic bounce.”

FDRMX referred to the song as “Fifth Harmony’s most mature record yet.” The FDRMX critics added, “The production is solid, and lyrics are catchy.”

Worth It received negative reviews as well. The biggest one from the music powerhouse, Billboard. Critics at Billboard referred to the song as “oddly incomplete” and pointed out there is “repetitive rephrasing.”

What we observe is that the over-powered attitude in the song is what is bugging many. Honestly, that is right. It makes this track just cringe-worthy sometimes. However, it has catchy lyrics and a rocking beat that has helped it.

Worth it – Music Video

The video has the right sass! Cameron Duddy went on to direct it and was premiered at the Kids Choice Awards in 2015. The video is all about the loud and clear self-acknowledgment. Moreover, the Fifth Harmony girls are seen serving some looks in the video. MTV referred to the video as “Surprisingly Sexy.”

What you may not know about this music video is that it was taken down from YT for a period. It was considered a violation of YT’s policy on misleading and inappropriate metadata. Well, we can say for sure that the video was over-sexualized. What makes it even more wrong is that Camilla and Jane were still underage when it came out.

In the video, the girls are first seen dancing in Hong Kong. Later they are seen dancing in various locations. Kid Ink is also seen singing. The highlight of the video was a message that appears on a stock exchange background. It reads, “Feminism is sexy.”

The Music

The song’s music is an amalgamation of various genres. It is a pop song with elements of Balkan music and hip-hop. Moreover, you will sense trance synths, trap, R&B, and Middle Eastern saxophone.

Fifth Harmony - Worth It
Worth It is a hit song by the highly popular American girl band Fifth Harmony with the rapper Kid Ink (1986). It was released in 2015. Download it now and have a good time.
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