Guns N’ Roses – Sweet Child O’ Mine

Sweet Child O Mine is from the Appetite for Destruction album from Guns N Roses. The song was released in 1988 and rereleased in 1989 in the UK. Sweet Child O Mine is from the hard rock and glam metal genre. It was released under the Geffen label and produced by Mike Clink.

In simple terms, Sweet Child O Mine is a song about romance and love. Sweet child is a nick given to Axl Rose’s love interest. He also wrote and performed the song. Fans have speculated that the song was written as a serenade to Erin Everly. Axl would date Erin a few years later after the song was released. They eloped after four years of dating in Vegas.

How to Download Guns N’ Roses – Sweet Child O’ Mine

You can download the song from Apple Music or Amazon Music. Click on the Download button that is located below this review. If you like Guns N’ Roses, check out also their other hit song November Rain.

The Song Review

Sweet Child O Mine by Guns N Roses lyrical interpretation

The song was thought of before it times as Axl uses his talent to admire his lover. In particular, he is captivated by her looks as Axl cannot keep his eyes off of her. The song is unique as the artist displays himself as a child who is foreign to the concept of love. The lyrics are inspired by songs from Lynyrd Skynrd. Axl listened to his songs since he was a fan of his voice and wanted to incorporate it into his newest album.

Most music listeners are unaware of the troubled childhood Axl had survived. The song also presents hope when he reminisces about the innocence with lyrics “where everything was as fresh as the bright blue sky.” He wishes to disappear in its beauty without looking back.

The song showcases a sensitive, more emotional side Axl has. It had never been put on display before, which was surprising to the band members. Rock and roll is usually associated with emotional unavailabilities, such as pain and despair. Sweet Child O Mine is a love song that celebrates positive emotions never felt before, such as romance and undying love.

Sweet Child O Mine by Guns N Roses – the Video

Stage lighting beams over the band. The stage crew fixes the lighting and sound acoustics before the band begins to sing. The band members’ wardrobe is rock and roll focused with metal bracelets and bandanas. Their long hair moves about loosely as they play the instruments. There are separate frames of the music crew communicating with the band, which transition into the band playing onto the stage.

The lead singer looks at the camera lens to communicate the message. You can see he is feeling what he sings, making the lyrics more raw and genuine. As the band performs on the stage, the camera shifts focus to other camerapersons on the set. They are seen holding the camera while enjoying the song.

A camerawoman faces a challenge to either operate the camera or rock to the music. There are shots of individual camerapersons zooming in on the band members. A stage-rail camera follows the band’s movements as they perform. There are a lot of retakes of Axl unable to remove his jacket. Since the wardrobe is very rock and roll inspired, Axl wore bracelets in both hands. The accessory would get stuck in the coat each time.

There are a lot of behind-the-scenes moments captured on film. We see it all from the frank conversations between the crew and band and the make-up studio. At the time of the release, it was refreshing to have a different perspective on rock and roll. The black and white music video transitions into a 3-second colored frame focused on the lead singer before it concludes.

What do you Think of the Song?

Guns N Roses were the music pioneers of their time. They had tremendous energy and music. With their individual interpretation, they revolutionized the music industry. The song is filled with guitar solos that will instantly grab your attention. Listen to the song, and don’t forget to share your insight.

Guns N' Roses - Sweet Child O' Mine
Sweet Child O' Mine is a classic ballad by the famous rock band Guns N' Roses that was formed in 1985. Download it now and have fun.
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Guns N' Roses - Sweet Child O' Mine Review Summary

  • The behind-the-scenes conversations add an unexpected relatability to the music video.
  • The video showcases how music comes together with the band, film crew, and make-up artists working together.
  • Sweet Child O Mine presents Guns N Roses in a lighthearted setting, compared to idolized versions by their fans.
  • The black and white cinematography is irrelevant in today’s times. It makes the song look outdated.
  • Some may find incorporating the crew into the music video confusing. Music viewers are more likely to stop watching.
  • The three-second colored frame toward the end of the video does not carry any artistic interpretation. What do you think it means?
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