Ha*Ash – Lo Aprendí de Ti

Lo Aprendí de Ti is a Spanish song, translated as I Learned it from you. This song is the 2nd single song from the live album Primera Fila: Hecho Realidad. The famous American duo, Ha*Ash, has sung the song.

In 2015, the song was released officially all over the world. The audience loved the video song so much because it is from the live performance of Ha*Ash during the Estudios Churubusco, Mexico City, in 2014.

Song has been beautifully written by Hanna Nicole, Ashley Grace, and José Luis Ortega. The lyric video of this song is the first-ever YouTube ballad in the language of Spanish, reaching around one billion views.

How to Download Ha*Ash – Lo Aprendí de Ti

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The Song Review

Ha*Ash – Lo Aprendí de Ti – the Meaning of the Lyrics

The whole song revolves around the concept where a lady men someone unexpectedly in her life, and they both fell for each other. She learned so many things when she was in a relationship with him. But soon she distanced herself from the boy because he started lying to her!

The song’s lyrics are quite happy and filled with romance in the first phase. But as the song progresses, you will feel a certain sadness in the song because finally, the couple has departed their ways. The song is written in simple words. If you do not understand Spanish, you can translate it and feel the beauty of the song.

Ha*Ash – Lo Aprendí de Ti Video Interpretation

One of the best things about this song has been its incredible video. The reason why the audience loved the video song so much is that it is from the live performance of Ha*Ash during the Estudios Churubusco, Mexico City, in 2014. A live audience has been projected in the video.

As the song starts, it makes you feel like you are in a world of love and romance.

Have you listened Ha*Ash – Lo Aprendí de Ti?

No doubt, the song is a bit heartbreaking to listen to, but it has that beauty that will make you fall in love with it. If you missed listening to this beauty, go and listen to it.

About Ha*Ash

Ha*Ash is known to be one of the most popular American Latin pop bands from Lake Charles, Louisiana. In 2002, the band came into formation by two sisters, Hanna Nicole and Ashley Grace. The name of the band was created based on the first letters of their names.

They have now released 5 studio albums in which; the most recent was released in 2017, entitled 30 de Febrero. From the year 2014 till 2017, maximum of their singles gained a huge appreciation. They were also honored with the gold certification from the center of the Mexican Association of Producers of Phonograms & Videograms.

Apart from Latin pop, the group had incorporated pop-rock and pop and adopted different other music styles.

HA-ASH - Lo Aprendí de Ti
Lo Aprendí de Ti (I learned it from you in English) is a song by Ha*Ash - an American Latin pop duo Hanna Nicole (1985) and Ashley Grace (1987). Download it now.
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HA-ASH - Lo Aprendí de Ti Review Summary

  • A mixture of happy and sad moments is the true beauty of this song
  • The beat and bass of the song are soothing to listen to all the time
  • The song is in Spanish, which is not easy to understand
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