Harry Styles – As It Was

As It Was is the lead single from Harry Styles’ 2022 album, “Harry’s House.” It is a synth-pop track produced by Kid Harpoon and Tyler Johnson. Styles shares writing credits with Tyler Johnson and Thomas Hull. It was released through Erskine and Columbia.

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The Song Review

As It Was – A Lyrical Interpretation

As It Was is a promising peek into the young singer’s much anticipated third studio album. The song has a deceptively upbeat sound, but if you pay attention to the lyrics, you begin to realize that the actual lyrics are far from cheery.

As the song goes on, it reveals itself to be a surprisingly introspective approach towards time – the passage of time and its power to alter our perspective.

The singer is neither happy nor sad about the passage of time. It appears that he has simply accepted it as a fact of life: time will pass, things will change, and there is nothing anyone can do about it. This is what he wishes to convey in this refrain:

“You know it’s not the same as it was.”

The second verse hints at something a bit darker and sadder.

“Answer the phone.

“Harry, you’re no good alone. Why are you sitting at home on the floor? What kind of pills are you on?”

This verse can be interpreted in different ways. It paints the picture of someone who is going through a difficult time. It could be the aftermath of a rough breakup, or it could be someone struggling with depression. “Answer the phone” also suggests that this person has friends and family members trying to reach out to him, but the singer has shut himself off from those who care about him.

As the song progresses, Styles also reveals some of the more personal details of his life.

“Your dad lives by yourself. He just wants to know that you’re well.”

This could reference Styles’ own parents, who parted ways when he was a child. If you think about it, this line also suggests that Styles has matured over the years – expressing your wish to mend ties with an estranged parent is a sign of maturity and growing up.

The references to Harry’s personal life continue in the bridge:

“Leave America, two kids follow her.”

This refers to Styles’ relationship with American actress and director Olivia Wilde, who divides her time between Los Angeles (where her kid lives) and London (where Harry lives).

Overall, As It Was has an upbeat sound that is juxtaposed with mature songwriting about the loneliness of growing up.

Harry Styles - As It Was
As It Was is a 2022 hit song by Harry Styles who is an English singer born in 1994. Download it now and enjoy the sound.
8.5 Total Score
Harry Styles - As It Was Review Summary

  • The video represents Styles' quirky and distinctive style.
  • Throughout the video, Styles is dressed in red. Red, as a color, has many symbolic meanings. It represents life, health, and vigor, but most importantly, passion.
  • Some listeners might struggle to understand how the visuals portray the song's themes.
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