Hasta el Amanecer – Nicky Jam

Hasta el Amanecer was released to the US radios in 2016. It is an alluring song based on the reggaeton music genre. The lyrics will immediately house your heart, whether or not you are a romantic.  Hasta el Amanecer, Until Dawn in English, is written by Ramon Ayala, Nick Rivera Caminero, Juan Diego, Medina, Cristian Camilo, and Mena Monero. It was released under the Sony Latin and RC label.

Here is all you need to know about the four-time platinum song in Spain with over 160,000 downloads. The song’s success led to its nomination as the Single of the Year song at the 29th Lo Nuestro Awards. It also won the Urban Song of the Year and Billboard Music Award for Top Latin Song in 2017.

How to Download Hasta el Amanecer – Nicky Jam

You can download Hasta el Amanecer from a digital store. Click on the Download button at the end of this review. If you like Nicky Jam, check out also his other songs, Equis (with J Balvin) or Te Bote Remix (with Casper, Nio García, Darell, Bad Bunny, and Ozuna).

The Song Review

Hasta el Amanecer by Nicky Jam – the Video

We are introduced to a Laundromat with a customer entering to acquire the services. She puts her laundry on the floor. While it washes, she starts browsing her phone. It’s late at night, and only the girl and Nicky Jam are at the Laundromat.

He swoops in and tries to impress the girl, but it doesn’t work out. Instead, she feels scared and walks away. Nicky Jam fixes his appearance by looking through the washer window and he tries to impress her again. This time, the magic trick works but just for a few seconds. The girl backs off.

Nicky Jam attempts to impress her the third time, but with his dance moves. He steps closer to her to dance hip-hop and rap. She dances a few steps with her. Unfortunately, her timer takes her attention. She leaves with her clean laundry, and Nicky Jam thinking, “What if?”

As the helpful man, the video concludes with Nicky Jam helping an elderly woman with her laundry. He sits at the waiting chairs. The camera zooms and fades out.

Best of Luck in Your Love Life

The moral of the story is if you have found someone that catches your eye, do your best to make yourself known. You might fail the first or second time. However, with persistence and being your true self, the potential partner will definitely notice you.

Who Is Nicky Jam?

Nicky Jam was born in 1981 in a local hospital in Boston. He was a much-awaited bundle of joy for his Puerto Rican Father, Nick Rivera Caminero, and Dominican mother. Nicky Jam moved back to Puerto Rico at 10. However, it did not change his nationality. Nicky Jam is a proud older brother to his sister and practice faith in Christianity.

During his childhood, his family struggled with money and the basic necessities. Therefore, Nicky took the initiative and decided to work illegally at a grocery store. On the side, he started recording and playing music at the age of 14. Nicky Jam has been consistently working since his childhood which paved the way to his success.

His parents enrolled him at a local school in Puerto Rico. After school, he would spend time on the streets, taking in the culture and his heritage. Later on, Nicky Jam would translate these variables into music when he released the first album at a very young age.

The album was named Distinto A Los Demas. Unfortunately, the album was not successful, but that didn’t stop him. He decided to form a band, Los Canaris, with Daddy Yankee to receive recognition. The two singers would bang out top-chart songs such as Sentirte, Sabanas Blancas, and many others.

The band could not stay together, so they decided to part ways. It gave Nicky more time to focus on his solo music career. With experience in hand, his solo work such as Voy A Beber and Curiosidad were hits. If you want to learn more about him, watch his Netflix Documentary for behind-the-scenes secrets. Nicky Jam: El Ganador follows the artist’s life through challenges and successes.

Hasta el Amanecer - Nicky Jam
Hasta el Amanecer is a hit song by the American singer Nick Rivera Caminero (1981). Download it now and enjoy the music.
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