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Linkin Park released their eighth album in 2000 called Hybrid Theory. One of the songs in the album is In the End, which celebrates the nu-metal and rap, alternative, and hard rock genres. In the End was released by Warner Bros and produced by Don Gilmore. Brad Delson, Joe Hahn, Mike Shinoda, and Chester Bennington are credited with writing the song.

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The Song Review

In the End by Linkin Park Lyrical Interpretation

Like other Link Park songs, In the End also has a deep underlying meaning that some of us will not recognize from its face-value listening. It is argued In the End is inspired by the harsh childhood of the band’s lead singer, Chester Bennington. With an abusive domestic environment and constantly bullied at school, the song’s second verse portrays such events using the word “mocked.” If the inspiration is deemed accurate, the song explains how he has moved on and forgiven the people who mistreated him.

They no longer influence his actions and thoughts as Chester Bennington is his own person.

However, on the other hand, the song could also lyricize a tumultuous relationship. In more transparent terms, the singer has developed feelings for someone. She agreed to spend their lives together. However, with time, the singer realized he had cold feet. He is not a relationship type and has invested years into a relationship, which has now gone to waste. He wishes to terminate the relationship.

“I tried and got so far

But in the end, it doesn’t even matter

I had to fall to lose it all

But in the end, it doesn’t even matter.”

The singer explores the social element of the relationship. The lady he pursued isn’t the problem here. The lead singer attempted to change himself for the sake of the relationship. Though his actions are unclear, he could not save the dooming love. The lead singer’s personality flaws had severe implications in pushing away the addressee, his newest lover.

Rarely does a song has multiple meaning, but it is possible. In the End can be interpreted differently because of the unclear lyrics. Undoubtedly, the singer lets the music lovers know about the unfortunate events and how he is working on reaching a personal aim. Either it could be dating someone or overcoming childhood traumas. Unfortunately, these efforts will be wasted because “In the end, it doesn’t even matter.” The singer will not get the time back, and the efforts to evolve have been for nothing.

In the End by Linkin Park Video Interpretation

The music video was shot in the California desert. However, the song was performed and recorded at their private studio in Lose Angeles. The video heavily incorporates CGI effects. However, some shots were recorded with real-life events. For example, when it came to dampening the band, Cox and Hahn broke the water pipes above the stage.

In the End is set in a make-believe world with its CGI animation. Linkin’ Park performs the song around a giant statue that is very Egyptian-inspired. However, the Mike Shinoda rapping parts were shot in a completely different location. Thorns are growing out of the ground, which turns into dust.

The growing plants and grass represent growth and a new life. At the end of the video, the dark sky begins to rain. The band continues to perform until the rain stops. The last camera shot zooms out of the tower.

In The End - Linkin Park
In The End is a hit song by Linkin Park - a famous American rock band. Download it now and enjoy the unique sound of their music.
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In The End - Linkin Park Review Summary

  • The settings and CGI effects are eye-captivating to engage with the song.
  • Dessert and grass animations symbolize growth and despair, which ties into the song's theme.
  • The band looks straight at the camera as if engaging with the listener.
  • Can't think of any.
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