James Arthur – Say You Won’t Let Go

Say You Won’t Let Go is written by James Arthur, Andrew Frampton, Steve Solomon, and Neil Ormandy. It was produced by Alexander Beitzke and Bradley Spence. The song is from the pop, folk, and R&B genre. Say You Won’t Let Go was part of James Arthur’s second album Back from the Edge in 2016.

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The Song Review

Say You Won’t Let Go – the Lyrics

Say you Won’t let Go portrays a story, a relatable story most of us has endured. It’s a love symphony that adapts to numerous situations with its beautifully crafted lyrics. While writing the song, James Arthur did not know the song would define his music career. It was a simple pen to paper moment at the time.

James Arthur has admitted to writing the song in LA. The inspiration takes place from someone he knew and their path with their partner. Though it was uncomfortable to pry in other people’s lives, the art molds the balance between the impersonal and personal relationships from people around him. In other words, he wears their shoes and imagines being in a relationship.

The bridge of Say You Won’t Let Go is a promise Arthur will stay with his partner in the afterlife. Even being ghosts does not dampen their feelings for each other. The specific lyric is represented by an aged man crying in the music video, which we will learn later on.

Interestingly, the song was a placeholder since the album lacked a romantic song. The input came directly from the record label after their initial meeting before the album release. Therefore, Arthur came up with Say You Won’t Let Go with honest lyrics that will definitely reach your soul.

“I held your hair back when you were throwing up” implies Arthur met the love of his life in a nightclub partying. The lyrics are so special because they are literal descriptions of the events. Love is known to be discovered in the most random places. As soon as you lose hope, the universe locks you with the one.

Though the first verse is a literal interpretation of his own life, the latter half with kids and marriage is imagination. As of right now, James Arthur is not married or has kids. However, the artist does want his own white fence family. It is one of his life aims.

Say You Won’t Let Go by James Arthur – Video Interpretation

James Arthur begins playing his guitar. We are also introduced to a couple walking hand-in-hand. There is a lake in the background where a desolate boat rocks. The two hug intimately.

The frame switches to another couple working together on a project. They seem to have similar interests in music as we learn they are in a homemade record studio. We are also introduced to a third couple, a new father who holds his baby in his arms. The baby has his father’s finger in his tiny hand and yawns.

The story develops as the couple from the lake welcomes two children into their lives, a boy and a girl. The children are seen playing with toys, highlighting the close sibling bond. Their mother, the girl from the lake, reads them stories too.

Toward the end, the man from the lake is taken to the hospital. The video completes the circle of life as the kids witness their father lying on the hospital bed before the video comes to a close.

Live the Present Before It is Too Late

Say You Won’t Let Go is a romanticized iteration of what we all wish for. It is the perfect song to define our innate bond with our better half to share the perfect and imperfect moments. The music and lyrics make it the go-to serenade song. Play it to show your special someone how much you value them.

James Arthur - Say You Won't Let Go
Say You Won't Let Go is a hit song by James Arthur (1988) who is an English songwriter and singer. Download it now.
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