Jennifer Lopez – On The Floor ft. Pitbull

The song we shall discuss today was released in the album Love? in 2011. It was released on February 8th under the label Def Jam Records.  On the floor by Jennifer Lopez ft. Pitbull went on to become a phenomenal hit in over ten countries. It also put Jennifer Lopez back on the map as a contemporary artist since her music was not very active in the previous three years to the release of On the floor.

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The Song Review

The Lyrical Interpretation

Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull invite everyone to let loose on the dance floor. However, the singers are not directly addressing the listener. Unless you like being called a criminal, animal, or a freak by Jennifer Lopez, then we say to each their own!

Lopez asks the viewers to:

Put your drinks up
Pick your body up and drop it on the floor

The singer clearly wants the people to dance from the bar to the floor in a celebratory manner. There is no end to the night. We will dance all night, loosen up, and enjoy today as ever-lasting. Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull wish everyone to join them on the dance floor with their fully-recharged batteries as it will be a night to remember!

There is also a massive appreciation of the less-recognized community. When Lopez says, a new generation of party people, she addresses her homeland. She calls about Brazil, Ibiza, and Morocco by name. She aims the song to deliver and be heard worldwide from LA to London to Africa to New York.

The verse continues with the lyric Dance the night away and Grab somebody, drink a little more. She tells the people to come together in a universal celebration full of color, diversity, and vibrancy.

Pitbull is a collaborator in the song who implies he is searching for a love interest on the night of the celebration. His interest is apparent. Later in the song and in the first verse, Pitbull is introduced in a supportive capacity.

Pitbull plays a puppet master, playing games to “score,” as Barney Stinson would say. His last verse is more conclusive since it has nothing to do with song ideology.

On the floor by Jennifer Lopez ft. Pitbull Video Interpretation

The video begins in an uneventful street with a car crossing by; it’s a BMW. Jennifer Lopez gets out of the car and puts earplugs in as music plays in the background. Dancers are waving hands on the dance floor.

Later on, Lopez is seen all dolled up with long nails and a heavy beat on her face. She switches from a gown to a silver cocktail dress with loose hair. Meanwhile, Pitbull wears an unbuttoned shirt with a jacket and a handkerchief.

The vibe is the video is very celebratory. Dancers are performing hip-hop moves in the background. In contrast, Pitbull is singing surrounded by girls wearing gold bikinis—a reflection of his womanizing intentions.

The music video continues playing with Jennifer Lopez singing and switching between her two outfits. A dancer on the pedestal has long black hair and is wearing a denim acid-washed jacket. Another dancer is introduced later in the video. She is twirling in her sheet jacket and long dreads hairstyle; meanwhile, multiple people dance in regular clothes on the floor.

Is the Song Worth a Listen?

On the floor is not a song that has an underlying meaning. What you hear is what you get, and the lyrics are not unheard of. However, if you are feeling down or throwing a party, it is the perfect song for everyone to dance the night away. After all, we need more light-hearted and upbeat music after the two years we have just had. Who agrees?

Jennifer Lopez - On The Floor ft. Pitbull
Jennifer Lopez's On the Floor is a pop track about feistiness and daring. From the opening chords to her sensual vocals on "I'm on the floor", she is sure of who she is and what she wants. Download it now.
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