Katy Perry – Dark Horse

This song is something out of this world! Katy released this hit number on September 17, 2013, and left the world speechless. The song features ace rapper Juicy J. Dark Horse came with a bang. It was the first promotional song from Perry’s 2013 album Prism. The song received mixed reviews. Dark Horse has now amassed a whopping 3 billion views on YouTube. Katy Perry and Sarah Hudson wrote the song.

How to Download Katy Perry – Dark Horse

The song can be downloaded from iTunes. Click on the Download button at the end of the review. Check out also other songs by Katy Perry that we have reviews – Roar (2013) and Electric (2021).

The Song Review

Dark Horse brings a very seductive yet mature vibe. These aspects are well induced in Katy Perry’s vocals in the song. The artists took inspiration from the 1996 film, The Craft. The song was destined to top the charts and win hearts. In 2019, Dark Horse officially became “One of the Best Selling Songs in the Digital History.” Moreover, it went on to become the “Second Top Selling Songs in 2014” on a global level.

After the song took the world by storm, Katy Perry took to Twitter. She tweeted, “Well…. it looks like Dark Horse is literally becoming a Dark Horse of a song! Sounds like people have spoken… I must listen”.

The Dark Horse video broke some new ground. With its music video, Katy Perry became the first female artist to attain over 1 billion views on YouTube in 2015.

Dark Horse was complemented cleverly by its music video. Let us know more about it.

Katy Perry became a Katy Patra for Dark Horse Music Video

Dark Horse’s official video was released on February 6, 2014. In this video, Katy takes us really long back in ancient Egyptian time, when she was a “Katy Patra.” Hope you got the Cleopatra reference. However, a witch resides in Katy. That is quite evident from her witchy attitude and tone in the song. The concept of a Dark Horse is at the core of the music video. Katy has done full justice to the whole idea.

Still, she appears to be a stunning Cleopatra. Throughout the video, Perry depicts her superpowers, and viewers do get the black magic reference. She is also seen transforming the suitors’ faces into that of a dog and crocodile. Plus, the video drew some daring references to other faiths that led to offending many. This stirred many controversies. She even was accused of blasphemy.

The music video appears as a “juxtaposition.” Because this is something, Katy has never done before. This also led her to shrug off her typical pop artist image in the music industry.

Dark Horse video was truly a visual treat. Viewers witnessed some stunning visuals.

Dark Horse Music & Composition

The song presents a mixed element set. It brings you EDM, Dubstep, and some Trippy Top. In addition, the song perfectly takes pop-rap, hip-hop, and electro-pop and presents it as a Southern Rap Techno Mashup. All these ingredients make up a musical storm. Music production is simple yet jaw-dropping. This song was surely a stand out from her album “Prism.”

Dark Horse initiates with a very slow tone. Gradually, Katy’s vocals build-up, and transform into an epic trap and hip-hop tone. The viewers do get an electronic flavor from this song. This transition also complements the concept of a dark horse.

The success of Dark Horse is primarily because of Katy’s daring and brilliant take. Katy’s drive to experiment with something different hit the right spots. She was able to attain that uniqueness she aimed for. That is just amazing. Katy Perry won three accolades for “Dark Horse.” She first received an “American Music Award’s Single of the Year. Besides that, Katy won the MTV Video Music Award for Best Female Video and an MTV Europe Music Award for Best Song.

Download “Dark Horse” now to get your mind blown!

Katy Perry - Dark Horse
Dark Horse is a 2013 song by the American singer Kathy Perry. Download it now and have a great time listening how it combines different musical genres.
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