Last Christmas – Wham!

Last Christmas is a downloadable romantic Christmas song by Wham! (a duo consisting of George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley). The song is written and produced by George Michael and was officially released on 3rd December 1984 by Epic Records.

How to Download Last Christmas – Wham!

To download Last Christmas gently press the Download button at the end of the review. And if you like Christmas songs, you should also download and check out All I Want For Christmas is You by Mariah Carey.

The Song Review

Last Christmas is one of the most popular Christmas anthems that managed to top the charts in several countries including Slovenia, Sweden, Belgium, Netherlands, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Norway, and the United Kingdom.

The song talks about a man who experiences a sad breakup and makes up for it this time by falling in love with someone who is truly special to him. The song is available to play through digital download.

The Origins

Last Christmas initially originated when George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley visited Michael’s parents.

The song was first played at that point and upon receiving a good response from the limited number of audience, the band then went on ahead to make it official.

Last Christmas: the Lyrics

The introductory lyrics consist of the main chorus which talks about a man falling for the wrong person last year but now, to save himself from another heartbreak, he carefully chooses and falls in love with the person he truly believes is his soulmate.

This is followed by lyrics which explain how last year, he tried so hard live up to expectations by sending romantic letters to his ex. He also describes himself as being fooled by her in the sense that she only used him until she got bored of him.

This is described in the following lyrics: “Now I know what a fool I’ve been, But if you kissed me now, I know you’d fool me again”. The song ends with a deep quote full of regrets stating, “A face on a lover with a fire in his heart, a man undercover, but you tore him apart”.

The Last Christmas Video

As the song theme suggests, the official music video is also set in a snowy atmosphere. It begins with members of Wham! Taking their girlfriends out at a ski resort. Everyone in the video can be seen having a great time as they accompany each other and sit on the cable cars.

This is followed by the traditional Christmas dinner where everyone can be seen bringing in gifts after which, George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley can be seen having drinks with their lovers.

An intriguing moment in the video is when a flashback occurs where Michael presenting his girlfriend with a jewel accessory.

The same accessory that Ridgeley seems to be wearing, indicating that Michael’s girlfriend must have given Ridgeley that accessory after they broke up. The video ends with everyone going back through the cable car.

The Song Success

Over the years, Last Christmas has become much more than an ordinary song. It has a global reach due to which, many individuals including families and friends still prefer to listen to it as part of their Christmas festivities.

Who’s Wham!?

Wham! was an English pop band consisting of two members namely, George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley. They made their debut in 1983 after releasing the album called Fantastic.

Apart from Last Christmas, the band released several popular songs which included Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go, Careless Whisper, and Everything She Wants.

Last Christmas – Wham!
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