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Lehanga was released in 2019 with an album of the same name. Its YouTube video has been watched more than 1.7 billion views. He is a lesser-known artist yet managed to win the Mirchi Music Awards in 2019. Jass Manak was also nominated for the 2020 Listener’s Choice Independent Music Category for Lehanga.

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The Song Review

Lehanga by Jass Manak Video

The video begins with Manak leaving his bungalow for a date. He waits outside of a flower shop until his date arrives. He is dressed in a vibrant multicolored T-shirt and retro white sunglasses. It’s almost as if we have traveled to the disco era.

While he waits and sips coffee, his date arrives wearing a yellow dress. The girlfriend explains she was late because her heel broke. It was her favorite pair of shoes, too, so she is truly annoyed. Manak consoles her as the story develops with the couple walking on a concrete pathway. She stops mid-walk to window-shop and signals Manak to come and join her.

Her eyes caught a traditional yellow and pink lehenga. The sequins reflect the store light, and the ribbon frill further makes the design shine. Unfortunately, the singer signals her date to keep walking.

They are seen driving along a coastline in a yellow Cadillac in the next frame. Later, they meet up with friends to enjoy the day. The couple eats and drinks until the date gets annoying for an unknown reason and walks away.

Jass Manak searches for the girlfriend to save the relationship. They reconcile, and the story moves forward. The couple is seen in numerous city streets, beaches, and lush greenery. In the end, Jass gifts the same lehenga to his girlfriend. It is the stamp that seals the relationship for the future.

The Bottom Line

Lehanga by Jass Manak portrays a love story native to the Asian culture. It celebrates color and love beautifully with a consistent portrayal of the story. Don’t forget to play the song at your friend’s wedding! It will surely invite everyone to the dance floor

Who Is Jass Manak?

Jass Manak was born in the Indian Punjab in village Bhakhriana, Jalandhar, as Jaspreet Singh Manak, which is his real name. His father was a respectable teacher, while his mother was a homemaker. She stayed at home to take care of Manak and his younger brother. He began his elementary and secondary routine at the Hemkunt Public School, Jalandhar.

Jass always prioritized his studies over his music hobby. He believed there was a time for everything and intended to complete his graduation first. With hard work and dedication, he graduated from the PunjabiUniversity in Patiala.

During his early childhood and late teenage years, he was the host to entertaining his friends. Manak had gained confidence over the years by participating in school functions. He was an active member of the art society at his school, which pushed him to become a singer in real life.

In addition, his parents had always been supportive of Manak achieving his dreams. His soulful voice and interactive lyrics made him an emerging singer in the Bollywood industry. Hecan sing songs from different genres with great ease. He does not shy away from a challenge and constantly pushes himself to release better music.

Other than being a singer, Manak is also a recognized song composer. He wrote Jassie Gill’s song Surma Kaala. Manak is also versed in playing guitar. However, his favorite activity remains spending time with friends. Because of his active social life, he has a few nicknames his friends use.

These pseudonyms include Manaka Da Munda, meaning Manak (His father’s name)’s child or Jassi. Manak’s exemplary composing skills were revealed with the song Prada. It was released in 2018 with its YouTube video crossed 740 million views. In addition, he was also the co-lyricist for the song U-Turn, Boss, Warke, and Without You.

Lehanga - Jass Manak
Lehanga - is a song by Jaspreet Singh Manak (1999) known professionally as Jass Manak. Download it now and have a good time.
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