Let Her Go – Passenger

Let Her Go is a downloadable folk rock song by Michael David Rosenberg, also known as Passenger. The song is written by Passenger himself and was officially released on 24th July 2012. As of the time ow writing, the music video for the song had over 2.2 billion views.

How to Download Let Her Go – Passenger

You can download the song by clicking the Download button which is located below this review.

The Song Review

Let Her Go is the second single taken from Passenger’s fourth album called All the Little Lights.

Since its release, the song has managed to obtain global success by topping the charts in numerous countries including Australia, Austria, Belgium, Finland, Germany, Greece, and Italy.

It has sold over 4 million digital copies in the United States and has also managed to win the British Academy’s Ivor Novello Award for Most Performed Work.

The song talks about appreciating the things in life only after they have passed. It is available to play through digital download.

Let Her Go, throughout its audio sequence, is full of melody in a sense of serenity.

Let Her Go Lyrics

The song is known for its sad, yet, beautiful poetry. It is based off a heartbroken man who realizes the luxuries in his life only after they have been gone.

Let Her Go begins with Passenger discussing different aspects of life that people often tend to ignore in their daily routines until a calamity falls on them.

An example, as quoted by the lyrics, include the heat from the sun when heavy snowfall occurs. It ultimately relates to the love of her life whose value Passenger realizes only after she had left.

One of the most unique features of this song is how it holds no formal chorus. Rather, the song has a sequence of lyrics that are repeated throughout the song.

Further in the song, Passenger repeats the lyrics and provides more similar options in relevance to heartbreaks. In general, the song is quite diverse in terms of instruments. It features an acoustic guitar, along with piano, drums, bass, strings, and background vocals.

The Video

The official music video was released on 25th July 2012 and has over 2 billion views on YouTube, making it the 20th most viewed video of all time. It begins with Passenger coming up on stage and performing the song live in front of an audience.

The video then moves backward as it focuses on the preparations for the concert. The video shows Passenger practicing his vocals whereas the crew can be seen setting up the stage and organizing the event on a whole.

It goes up to the point where the concert begins, and Passenger finally shows up on stage and sings in front of his fans.

At the end of the sequence, the video focuses solely on Passenger who sings the final lyrics without any sort of background music and vocals.

Let Her Go: the Song Production

In an interview, Passenger claimed how countless fans have confused his song with Let It Go by Idina Menzel. He further explained how the similar titles often leaves him with requests from fans, asking him to perform Let It Go instead of Let Her Go.

The Bottom Line

Overall, the song is considered to be one of the all-time greatest songs. It was received with extreme positivity by both fans and critics who mutually claimed that the song is a melodious masterpiece.

Let Her Go – Passenger
Let Her Go is a song by Michael David Rosenberg (1984). Download and now and listen to its beautiful melody and the gentle voice of Passenger.


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