Los Ángeles Azules – Nunca Es Suficiente ft. Natalia Lafourcade (Live)

Nunca Es Suficiente was released in 2018 in the album Esto si es cumbia. It perfectly showcases the cumbia, música tropical, and regional Mexican tunes, earning it the Billboard Latin Music Award for Regional Mexican Song of the Year.

Nunca Es Suficiente is one of the more successful songs in the album. It comes with a jolty bassline and portrays a story of two people where neither is committed to each other. It remains a politicized affair where either is ready to step out at the slightest presence of a hiccup.

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The Song Review

Nunca Es Suficiente ft. Natalia Lafourcade – the Lyrics

The song begins with “It’s never enough for me because I want more from you.” As you can tell, the artist directly identifies the emotional imbalance in the relationship. Their expectation and wishes from each other are completely different, which may result in a toxic termination.

Natalia intends to make her partner happy. She will spend every minute of today, yesterday, and tomorrow with him. We can rest assured she is committed as told by the conclusive lyrics to the premiere verse in the song. Later on, the artist questions the partner whether he will feel the same about her. Does he see himself accepting her unconditionally?

The remainder of the lyrics is a quiet iteration of the modern relationship dynamic. Perhaps, some even say jokingly Natalia Lafourcade is stressing out the partner by causing herself pain. Regardless, the song directly addresses the problems the artist and her partner may be facing.

Compared to the other songs in the album, Nunca es Suficiente uses shorter lyrics. The song maintains the straightforward approach to deliver the anger and resentment since her heart is filled with pain.

One of the oddly worded lyrics is when the song says, “If you causally see me crying a little, is because I want you.” The lyric is a less dramatic situation of wanting to be with someone. The song itself is very possessive and love-yearning. Even when the sentence is spoken to a friend or a family member, it implies you do not want to lose the person you are talking to. Thus, it is not the same as being in a committed relationship with someone.

Later on, she sings, “You’ll get a lot in my memories for having made me cry.” The lyric negates the entire song. Toward the end of the chorus, she foretells he will forget about her. However, the strong stresses he is the one for her, and she does not want to lose him. It’s a game of pure emotional warfare.

Nunca Es Suficiente ft. Natalia Lafourcade video interpretation

The song video begins with a headshot of the palm tree with pigeons flying about the open blue sky. People on the beach enjoy the sun while the kids build sandcastles. The scene slowly transitions to a crowd on the beach, welcoming a band with heavy applause.

The artist, Natalia Lafourcade, comes onto the stage with the Los Angeles Azules. The band members are dressed in cyan-colored button-downs with white slacks. On the other hand, the instrument playing women wear dusted pink dresses.

Natalia Lafourcade takes center stage in white cotton slacks and a beige halter neck. The singer does the song justice with her soulful voice and engaging personality. The attendants at the mini-concert sing along with her, creating a lively environment. The band continues performing the song while the sun sets in the background.

The band members, including the background singers, add to the ambiance. Their dance moves do not overpower the song while everyone has a good time.

The Bottom Line

Natalia Lafourcade and Los Angeles Azules portray a rocky relationship with catchy tunes and subliminal meaning. If you wish to listen to their songs live, the band is still on tour. However, as for the song, there is something to be learned if you are in an upset relationship.

Los Ángeles Azules - Nunca Es Suficiente ft. Natalia Lafourcade (Live)
Nunca Es Suficiente is a song by Los Ángeles Azules with María Natalia Lafourcade Silva (1984). Download it now and have fun.
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