Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – Thrift Shop feat. Wanz

With the beats created by Ryan Lewis, the song parodies the materialistic lifestyle involving rapping for clothes at the discounted stores. The Seattle residents do not care if you are wearing your grandpa’s clothes or grandmother’s watch as long as it looks good.

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The Song Review

Thrift Shop feat. Wanz – the Lyrics

Macklemore explains the lyrics as rappers boosting their financial prowess by purchasing branded clothes or technology. They order the most expensive drink and invest in costly art. However, the reality is the complete opposite.

They are more spending a small portion of their fortune as an investment they will sell later on. Everything purchase is justified if the rapper stays relevant in the industry. It’s about maintaining a fresh appearance rather than evolving with time.

The song’s intro is at least 33 seconds, which is exceptionally long for a song at this time. However, the intro is not baseless. It is divided into four parts, with a boy asking Macklemore to go shopping. There is a drum solo followed by a vocal solo. The intro concludes with horns, maintaining the engagement of the listener.

The lyrics and melody of Thrift Shop are adopted as hip-hop being a concept rather than a genre. It is separate from other hip-hop songs due to its uniqueness and infectious melody with an underlying meaning to avoid the materialistic lifestyle.

Thrift Shop – the Video

The video begins with Macklemore cycling to a thrift shop. He meets up with Ryan Lewis to head to a party. The venue is filled with people dancing and drinking. Later on, the frame switches to a discounted store. Macklemore sings the lyrics jumping over the sofa section or casually browsing the shoe aisle.

He is seen trying on expensive coats too. We see him dancing with the other shoppers and impressing his friends with almost new shoes he purchased from a thrift store.

The featured artists are seen browsing the clothing piles at the stores with random shoppers smiling at the camera. Everyone finds something they like such as shoes, coats, video games, or stuffed toys.

Wanz appears toward the end of the video, wearing a three-piece salmon suit with a matching tie. The video concludes with shoppers leaving the discounted stores with baskets full of clothes, wearing a massive smile on their faces.

The Bottom Line

Thrift Store aims to highlight the superficial standards of shopping we succumb to by admiring the rich and music artists. The reality is we can dress sharply without emptying our wallets. The trick is visiting thrift and discount shops which are hidden with branded items and shoes present at a tenth of the price. Therefore, the next time you are in the town running errands, spoil yourself by browsing the thrift shop.

About the Artists

The song introduces Michael Wans Wansley as a featured artist who worked as a software engineer at Microsoft, AdopX, and Volt before music. Macklemore was searching for an artist with similar vocals to Nate Dogg. As a result, the search took them to Street Level Records in Northern Seattle.

Macklemore decided to work with Wans in just a few minutes after playing his previous tunes at the recording studio.

Staying true to the theme, Macklemore has admitted shopping at discounted stores such as Goodwill. He knows the experience is very uncomfortable, so he puts on a wig and a mustache as a disguise to avoid meeting fans and flooding the store.

Thrift Shop video was captured at different discounted cloth stores in Seattle. Other locations include Northwest African Museum and Unicorn Arcade Bar while featuring local musicians such as Thomas Gray. The video is produced by Hollis, a Seattle-based songwriter. He has gone on record to describe the experience as evolutionary, motivating him to update his personal style.

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - Thrift Shop feat. Wanz
Thrift Shop is a song by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - the hip hop duo from Seattle featuring Michael "Mike" Wansley (1961). Download it now.
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