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Lean On made history when it became the most played song on Spotify of all time in 2015. With its electrifying potential and tune, it led everyone’s vibe to its beat. This EDM banger came into being after the collaboration of the American band Major Lazer and French producer DJ Snake. It features the Danish vocalist MO. Her vocals perfectly complemented Lean On’s exotic and tropical tune. Lean On was released on March 23, 2015, on YouTube. Moreover, it proudly stands in the billion-views club of YT with over 3 billion views.

It was the third lead single from Major Lazer’s 2015 album “Peace is the Mission.” Diplo, MO, William Grigachine, Jr. Blender, and Martin Bresso wrote the song. The number ranked at No. 4 on the US Billboard Hot 100.

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The Song Review

“A Blessing in Disguise,” and a “Bouncy Banger.”

Well, God works in mysterious ways. Lean On was destined to become a commercial success. Its development, writing, and production took more than a year. Its initial development started in Trinidad with MO and Diplo. There were many revisions in its tempo. A signature post-chorus was added after a request came from DJ Snake.

What most people do not know is that the song first went to two music powerhouses? MO was never going to sing. These two powerhouses were Rihanna and Nicki Minaj. Yes, it is right. However, both artists turned down Lean On. The situation unraveled, and eventually, MO lend her vocals. She just nailed it. No one could have done better than she could.

Diplo referred to these turning of events as “a blessing in disguise.” Honestly, we all agree with Diplo. MO gave this song a new life. The consequence of Sound highly praised MO and called her voice “Siren-like.” Plus, the song was rightly referred to as a “Bouncy Banger.”

Lean On’s music video made waves. Let us talk about that.

Music Video: The Indian Element in EDM

What made Lean On stand out was its music video! We all just love the Indian element and some striking moves in the Lean On music video. Tim Erem directed the official Lean Music video. It was shot in Kaul Heritage City, located in Maharashtra, India. Plus, partially in ND Studios in Kajrat, India.

In the video, the Lean On gang is seen dressed in sizzling Indian ensembles. They dance with a unique Bollywood choreographic style. However, all the moves have a modern touch to them. The video begins with MO sitting on a royal Mughal bed with a steady beat. Later on, she is seen slow dancing with ethnically dressed dancers. In a second, the tune goes up, and it turns into an EDM. The Trio, i.e., DJ Snake, Major Lazer, and Diplo, are seen all flaunting South Asian Sherwanis.

The producers drew most of the inspiration from traditional Bollywood dance numbers. This turned out to be an epic blend of sub-continental and American vibes. The cultural mashup is one of the main reasons; Lean On went on to become a critically acclaimed number at a global level.

Lean On Music

In essence, Lean On is an electronic Moombahton and an EDM song with a tropical twist. There is a balanced combination of all the genres. This balanced take gives it an optimal electrifying spirit. With this musical aspect, it makes an iconic beat to a dance-off.

Moreover, the number is a good amalgamation of some unicorn vocals that are anchored well and synthesized dreams. Another good thing about Lean On is that it will keep you singing along the chorus.

It is catchy; it is classy. Listen to it now!

Major Lazer & DJ Snake - Lean On
Lean On is a song by Major Lazer group and DJ Snake, released in March 2015. It reached number one in charts in more than 20 countries. Download it now.
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