Michael Jackson – Billie Jean

Billie Jean was a famous song sung by none other than the well-known singer of America, Michael Jackson. The song was released in 1983 by Epic Records. This song was part of the 6th studio album by Jackson, Thriller as its second single. The best thing about this song was that it was composed and written by the singer. This song is a complete mixture of rhythm and blues with the feel of dance-pop and disco. 

Billie Jean was the fastest rising song ever made by Jackson in his career. At the start of its release, it reached the number one spot on Billboard Hot 10. More than 10 million copies were sold worldwide, making it the best-selling song. It was number one in Belgium, Canada, the UK, and many others.

How to Download Michael Jackson – Billie Jean

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The Song Review

Michael Jackson – Billie Jean – the Meaning of the Lyrics

Since the song’s debut, rumors have circulated about the significance of a tale of a lady who stalked Michael Jackson and accused him of being the father of her child. Before his death in 2009, Jackson repeatedly rejected the claim. Instead, he claims that “Billie Jean” represents the numerous groupies he and his brothers were “plagued” with during the years.

Lyrics will definitely touch your soul and are calming to listen to all the time. 

A Video Interpretation of Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean

In essence, the music video depicts the paparazzi following Michael Jackson as he performs his high-energy dance routine while strolling along the street. Although the paparazzi photographed Michael Jackson, he does not appear in the images. 

Possibly demonstrating his celebrity power, every step Michael Jackson takes and whatever he touches glows. Finally, Michael Jackson approaches the hotel where Billie Jean is rumored to be waiting for him. 

Under the covers, MJ vanishes, and the cops arrest the paparazzi who had followed him to the hotel for spying on Billie Jean. Steve Barron helmed the production.

Have You Listened to Billie Jean?

No doubt that Michael Jackson is someone who will always stay in your heart. If you have missed listening to this song, Michael, then here we have the link for you. Check this out. 

About Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson, named Michael Joseph Jackson, is a famous American songwriter, well-known singer, and brilliant dancer. He was popularly nicknamed “King of Pop”. During the 20th century of his career, he was the music world’s king and the heartbeat of millions of fans. 

He was the 8th child of the Jackson family, where he started his professional career in 1964. In his four-decade career, he has contributed significantly to fashion, dance, and music. 

For him, his fans were so important that he even shared his personal life with them. Even after his demise, his fans are copying the way he used to do moonwalk dance in his performances. 

Michael Jackson - Billie Jean
Billie Jean is a song by Michael Joseph Jackson (1958-2009) that was released with the album Thriller (1983). Download it now. It's great.
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  • As usual, Michael has used the music very brilliantly with great bass
  • Depiction of the real-life story in the song shows how connected the singer was with his fans
  • There are no bad points about to song to dislike
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