OneRepublic – Counting Stars

Counting Stars is a folk-pop song by OneRepublic. The song is written by the band’s lead singer Ryan Tedder and was officially released on 14th June 2013. Counting Stars is undoubtedly the band’s most successful song commercially.

How to Download Counting Stars by OneRepublic

To download the song in a digital format click on the link provided below this review.

The Song Review

It is the third piece from their third studio album called Native. The song managed to top the charts in many countries including Canada, Brazil, Israel, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

The song’s main theme is about people having to feel good about themselves regardless of their financial troubles. It is available to play through digital download.

Counting Stars, although being a folk-pop, is played with a unique disco beat at the background.

Counting Stars: the Lyrics

The song is sung in a cheerful and entertaining manner as the lyrics begin with OneRepublic singing about how being desperate for money has them losing sleep.

For a change, they promise to enjoy the present time instead of being depressed over their financial instability. The lyrics continue as they begin to explain the realities of life being short, unpredictable, and unforgiving.

Consequently, they challenge themselves to become more daring and live the rest of their lives without having to fear the drawbacks. The chorus then kicks in which, in turn, charges up the beat.

The chorus is full of motivating lyrics that tell about dismissing all the worries in life and enjoying the little time we have in this world.

The latter follows a similar pattern in terms of both the beat and lyrics, however, one particular verse puts emphasis on the importance of experience rather than materialistic items such as money.

The verse is as follows: “Take that money, watch it burn, sink in the river the lessons I’ve learned”. The song ends with this particular verse being repeated constantly until the music fades out.

Counting Star’s official music video premiered on 31st May 2013. It is the band’s most successful video in the sense that it has crossed over 2.5 billion views to become the 13th most watched video on the platform.

Counting Stars: the Video

The music video is set in the basement of a building surrounded by lightbulbs with a religious revival service taking place on the floor above.

The video begins with the band instantaneously making their on-screen appearance. The room they are performing in seems to be somewhat crumbled out.

A flashing crocodile makes its way to the room can also be seen for a slight second. As the video progresses, the two events can be seen occurring simultaneously, with OneRepublic performing on the ground floor and the service leader giving lectures above.

At the same time, the video shows how the roof above the ground floor seems to be crumbling slowly, with water leaking out of the walls as well. The members of the revival service begin to dance as well, only to end up falling down to the basement after the floor collapses.

The video ends with both parties staring at each other through the hole caused by the collapse.

The Bottom Line

Overall, Counting Stars is a globally popular song that is also a breath of fresh air for all its listeners. The lyrics are fun, with the tune being ecstatic.

OneRepublic – Counting Stars
Counting Stars is a song by the American pop rock band OneRepublic. Download it now and enjoy the music and the lyrics with a message.
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