Pulcino Pio – El Pollito Pio

The Little Chick Cheep or the El Pulcino Pio is an Italian rhyme released in 2012. It was created at the Rom Studio of the Radio Globo. Morgana Gionvannetti was the lead in interpreting the song. She was also the host of the interactive radio station show. The song became an instant hit in Italy when it topped all music charts. It stayed as the most listened-to song for eight consecutive weeks.

Furthermore, the rhyme was also enjoyed in the neighboring countries such as the Netherlands, Spain, and other European Nations. However, the lyrics were translated into the respective language before release.

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The Song Review

In reality, the song is an altered version of a tune from the 1950s. The original music accompanied the children during war and post-war time with a lighthearted melody. El Pulcino Piowas then-named Na Minha Casa Tem, O Pintinho Piu, and A Minha Velha (Tem un Pintinho).

The rights to the song stayed with Globo Records. However, they were acquired after receiving consent from CEO Bruno Benvenuti and Max Moroldo. The song was later translated into the Italian language with the help of Alessandro Tirocchi, Maurizio Paniconi, and Lucio Scarpa. These names had previously worked on catchy tunes, so the match made sense.

El Pollito Pio was released during a morning show to captivate the at-home moms and toddlers. However, the tune used chicken chirps. After a year, Pulcino Pio was re-released with chicken chirps accompanied by tractor sound. The second version was much more engaging for the younger audience.

El Pollito Pio – the Video

The video begins with a chick hatching out of an egg. Its blue eyes are tough to miss against the solid red background. The chick begins to sick with cute little headphones on. Each time Pio appears in the music, it looks side to side to side.

The character changes into a full-grown chicken with blue eyes, the crown on its head, and white feathers. The chicken begins to sing the lyric “Coo,” which is later transitioned into the chick signing “Pio.”

The next animal we greet is a hen with a black tail and white feathers. He is animated sideways with a green background. The three animals, chick, chicken, and hen, sing the lyrics through graphic bubbles so the user understands the sounds they are making.

The next animal is the turkey. It’s playfully drawn with red, brown, and grey shades over a moss-colored background. It makes the sound Glu, Glu, Glu, which is combined with the chickens. It seems there is a pattern. The previous characters blend with the upcoming characters as a story progression tool.

We welcome a pigeon into the story animated over a purple background. Its innocent-looking eyes are hard to miss as it continuously looks to its left side. The graphic bubbles say Ruu, and the previous sounds and characters combine into a melody.

The animals that appear later in the sequence are a cat, a dog, a goat, a sheep, a cow, and a bull. Towards the end of the song video, a tractor makes the Rhum, Rhum sound. The inanimate object is also drawn with primary yellow color and gray accents.

The tractor drives over the chick, which was introduced in the first frame. It flattens the chicken with the graphic bubble saying, “Oh, oh!”

The red background turns into a blackish-red with a fade-out transition. The video concludes.

The Bottom Line

El Pollito Pio is a children’s rhyme in Spanish with a catchy tone and vibrant colors. It has also versions in many other languages, including the original one in Italian (which is a remake of the 1950s Brazilian tune). Even adults listening to it the first time will fall victim to the tone. However, it is primarily to keep the toddlers occupied while you do the laundry, work from home, or need to rest. You can also sing it with the little ones as a bonding activity because it definitely works.

Pulcino Pio - El Pollito Pio
El Pollito Pio is a Spanish language version of the hit Italian song from 2012. Download it now and have a cheerful time.
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