Rihanna – Diamonds

The song by Robyn Rihanna Fenty is a period of self-reflection. She questions why people are afraid to be happy. Rihanna is a firm believer in bad omens, as others are constantly scratching the unnecessary or prying to discover the causes behind someone’s glee.

The song is intended for everyone to accept and embrace themselves. Do what makes you happy and what makes you feel confident. Rihanna wishes to define a fairytale, a happy-ever-after built on hard work and self-acceptance.

How to Download Rihanna – Diamonds

You can download the song from Apple Music or from Amazon Music. Click on the Download button at the end of this review. Check out also another song by Rihanna – Love the Way You Lie that she sings with Eminem.

The Song Review

The Lyrics

Diamonds is a song from Rihanna’s seventh album. When the albums and song were released, the singer was in a very abusive and toxic relationship. Music was her way to project the pain and deliver it to her audience. Following are the lyrics that reflect her struggle,

Find light in the beautiful sea.

I choose to be happy.

You and I, you and I.

We’re like diamonds in the sky

The lyrics are the same as finding the silver lining, which means to stay optimistic. Rihanna has mentioned the lyrics are not intended to be sad, even though they might feel like it. The song, overall, is meant to reorganize how people misunderstand the expectations related to love.

The song is loosely written to battle Chandelier from Sia. Both songs are written in a period of self-contradiction. The lyricists did excellently, providing an insight into the lives of influential and talented female artists.

The song is not drug- or drinking-related, even though the lyrics say a vision of ecstasy when the lover holds the artist. However, some argue it reflects the artist’s and lover’s interest in drinking and doing drugs together. More so, the song is about a one-sided romance where the artist is captivated by the lover. Alas, he does not feel the same. Diamonds is about two people struggling to harmonize and become inseparable.

Rihanna feels more alive when she is in tune with her feelings and emotions. She wishes the lover to continue seeing each other. She wishes the pair would shine like a diamond to overcome challenges and obstacles along the way.

Diamonds by Rihanna Video

The song begins in an icy and lonely setting implying the artist’s life is not black and white. We see the artist in four elements; air, water, earth, and fire. The shift in settings is intended to demonstrate the chaos resulting from a relationship. We idealize artists as gods who cannot be hurt, yet the video proves us wrong.

The entire music video and the wardrobe represent different emotions. It builds a climax to the storyline. The video is also meant to provoke individual thinking—about the setting and the story.

The song video celebrates evolution. No one will stay the same throughout their life. However, regardless of the circumstances or the nature of your life, Rihanna focuses on being herself so she may shine like a diamond—a worn down and the final evolutionary stage of carbon.

Throughout the video, Rihanna faces the camera completely bare to portray vulnerability. Her hair is thrown back with a heavy hand on the highlighter. It brings the focus to her eyes to build empathy and trust. The video shifts back to the storyline after a few frames where we see destruction and the singer holding hands with her lover.

The Bottom Line

The thought-provoking song was produced by Norwegian duo Stargate and Benjamin Levin. It was their first time collaborating with the artist, which was very well-received.  The artist did an excellent job portraying empowerment through acceptance and identifying boundaries one must set to achieve it.

Don’t forget to feel when you listen to the song next time. You might figure out an answer to your challenges!

Rihanna - Diamonds
Diamonds is a song by the Barbadian artist Robyn Rihanna Fenty (1983). Download it now and listen to the fantastic music and thought-provoking lyrics.
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