Romeo Santos – Propuesta Indecente

If you have not heard of Romeo Santos, not sure we can be friends. Santos is an accomplished songwriter, artist, and producer. He was a lead singer for the band Aventura, which resulted in his fame. His career grew massively in 2011 when more and more people discovered his vocal prowess.

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The Song Review

Propuesta Indecente by Romeo Santos Video Interpretation

The song begins in a black and white setting in a quiet marketplace. A group of men is standing outside a corner shop, smoking and discussing events. The frame switch to a pair of dress shoes walking on the pavement. It’s the mafia leader. The leader walks in, demanding attention. He is dressed sharply in formal wear, and an overcoat draped over his shoulders.

It takes some time to discover the “shop” is the forefront for an exclusive club. The mysterious shoes enter the party. We see the guests are dressed up in their best clothes. Most of the women are wearing flapper dresses. However, the wardrobe is a mixture of dated and modern.

Santos is also one of the guests at the exclusive part. He is chatting with other guests, wearing a jumper and a well-fitted jacket. As soon as the lead enters the part, Santos begins to sing. The singer locks eyes with one of the girls the boss has brought to the party.

Their eyes lock, and the black and white frame instantly changes into color. The vibrancy in colors represents the chemistry and lust between the singer and her. The singer signals her to find her for some alone time. They wish to hold in each other in an alluring embrace.

As the events unfold, we learn more about her outfit. She is wearing a flapper dress with rose gold sequins. Her makeup consists of a bold red lip and smoky copper eyes. The loose curls further add to the mystery of the women, but, alas, she only has eyes on the singer.

The mob boss senses her absence and sends his bodyguards to look for her. The singer and his love interest figure out the commotion and leave through the front door. The last frame involves him raising his car mirrors while escaping successfully.

About Romeo Santos
About Romeo Santos Santo’s voice is quite soulful. He can switch singing pitches smoothly where it almost becomes a trance. He can sing romantically with hip-hop, dance beats, neo-electro, bachata, and rock. His first album called Formula Volume one rose to instant fame by going platinum in the United States.

It also gained a pedestal in the Latin Album chart. Anthony Santos, which is his real name, was born in 1981 in New York. He has always been interested in becoming a singer ever since Santos was a child. He participated in the choir at the local church before creating their own band—Aventura.

Aventura was meant to be a musical experiment between the singer and his cousin, Henry Santos. Other band members include the singer’s brothers, Lenny and Max Santos. The band was initially intended to be called Loss Tinellers.

The band became recognized because of its odd mixture of music. Aventura blended bachata with R&B and pop. The band broke the record with their first single Obsesión. Continuing with the theme, Santos released his fourth album Utopiawhich was full of guest experiences. The use of bachata in music cements his presence in the music industry. Recently, Santos performed at Utopia Live from Met Life Stadium.

The Bottom Line

Propuesta Indecente by Romeo Santos represents love at first sight. When she and the singer are alone, we see them dancing beautifully to symbolize their connection. You can play Propuesta Indecente for a special someone you wish to impress for your own happy-ever-after.

Romeo Santos - Propuesta Indecente
Propuesta Indecente is a song by Anthony "Romeo" Santos (1981). Download it now and listen to its bachata sound. Also, watch the video that was shot in Argentina.
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