Sam Smith – I’m Not The Only One

One of the classic songs that made its mark! Sam Smith surely gave us a masterpiece in his debut album back in 2014. One can actually feel the emotions flow in the voice of then-22-year-old Sam. Honestly, there is a soul of its own in the vocals of Sam Smith. It would not be wrong to refer him to as a male Adele.

This song hits hard emotionally for those who have been heartbroken by the actions of the ones they love. For sure, Sam Smith knows how to revitalize those emotions through his surreal voice. Sam Smith and Jimmy Napes wrote this song. The song was released on August 1, 2014, on YouTube, and now it has over 1.4 billion views.

How to Download Sam Smith – I’m Not The Only One

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The Song Review

I’m Not The Only One was released as the 3rd single in the UK and the 2nd single in the USA from Sam’s debut studio album. The song revolves around the topic of disloyalty in relationships. The stars got the inspiration for this song by the marriage of someone both Sam and Jimmy know.

Let us now talk about the commercial and critical performance of the song.

Commercial Performance

The song was a major commercial success. It became the top three fit in the United Kingdom and a top 5 hit in the United States. The song started on a higher note. Moreover, the song was in the top 10 in several countries.

It was a major breakthrough for Sam Smith. In Australia, the song was ranked at number 11. In Europe, “I’m not the only one” was in the top 10 in Denmark, Netherlands, and Italy. The song was in the top six hits.

The song was certified Gold by Germany, Spain, the Netherlands, Denmark, and Sweden. In the United States, the song was certified Platinum seven times. It was certified Platinum twice by the United Kingdom.

Critical Performance

The song received mostly positive reviews from critics. Jon at the Rolling Stones referred to the song as “Gorgeously bruising”. Moreover, critics at the National wrote, “Really stands out among hackneyed lyrical content on love, and longing”. Talking about Sam Smith, Adam Workman at the National wrote, “His high-pitched vocal extremes and a fairly basic grasp of rhyming couplets both soon begin to rankle, too”.

The music critics at the Hot Press wrote, “Laid back, funky soul at its finest”.

I’m Not The Only One – the Music Video

The music video is yet another masterpiece. It features Chris Messina and Dianna Agron. Both are stars. Dianna was a part of Glee, and Chris was from The Mindy Project. Smith talking about the two, said that he is a big fan of them. The theme of infidelity is strong in the music video. It revolves around a relationship in which the husband is cheating.

On the other hand, the wife is aware of it. She drinks to cope with her heartbreak. Lastly, she welcomes her husband back home as if nothing ever happened and she does not know.

Music Composition

It is a piano soul ballad with a gospel structure and orchestral strings.

Sam Smith - I'm Not The Only One
I'm Not The Only One is a hit song by Samuel Frederick Smith (1992), who is an English singer and songwriter. Download it now.
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