Sin Pijama – Becky G, Natti Natasha

Sin Pijama is a downloadable Spanish song by singers Becky G and Natti Natasha. The song is written by both the artists and was officially released on 20th April 2018 by Sony Music Latin. The song managed to break into the top 10 barrier in numerous countries including Spain, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, El Salvador, Peru, Uruguay, Guatemala, and Honduras.

It also became the third top 10 hit on US Hot Latin Songs for both Becky and Natasha. The song is very bold in its nature as it mainly talks about the desire of engaging in sex. The song is available to play through digital download.

How to Download Sin Pijama by Becky G and Natti Natasha

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The Song Review

Sin Pijama, which translates to No Pajamas in English, is a very song that uses its lyrics to discuss the inner sexual desires but which does it in not such a naughty way like for example Nicki Minaj relates her adventures in Barbie Dreams.

Sin Pijama Lyrics

The lyrics begin with both Natasha and Becky describing the perfect environment to get intimate as they discuss how they truly are the ones who cause excitement. The translated lyrics state “So that your arousal won’t go away, you know that I won’t leave you stuck there, calm down I’m on my way, my love”.

This is followed up by the main chorus where both the singers synchronize as they sing about being in bed all night long without wearing any pajamas. According to Becky G herself, the song is a depiction which discusses the great fantasy of men to know what happens between women when they have a sleepover together.

The lyrics are also deemed as a sign of feminism and equality, mainly because Becky has claimed that such controversial lyrics are widely accepted when men sing it out loud hence, the song plays as a major action against the societal stereotypes.

The Video

The official music video for the song begins with Royce chatting with a friend and thinking about inviting Becky. Royce then tries to call Becky but finds out that she is busy instead, having a sleepover with her friend. Royce begins to think how an all-women sleepover would look like.

His thoughts then involve Becky and Natasha making their appearance by dancing together in their lingerie. The place where the sleepover occurs seems to be in a huge mansion involving different bold clothing, jewelry, and drinks.

The two performers then dance to the music in different areas and can also be seen having drinks together in bed as well as playing pool with each other in one of the rooms.

At the end of the sequence, the music video depicts what actually happens at a sleepover as all the girls can be seen lying on the sofas with their facemasks on, having popcorn as Becky attempts to call back Royce.

The Bottom Line

Overall, Sin Pijama was received with mixed reviews from its fans. Where some praised the lyrics and videos in terms of portraying the concept of equality, others argued that feminism has been used in a completely negative manner by simply restricting it to sexuality. Regardless, however, the song turned out to be a hit with its music video reaching over 1 billion views on YouTube just seven months after its premiere.

Sin Pijama – Becky G, Natti Natasha
Sin Pijama – Becky G, Natti Natasha is a song in Spanish performed by the American singer Rebbeca Marie Gomez (1997). She is of Mexican origin (four of her grandparents hail from this country). Becky G is accompanied by Natalia Alexandra Gutiérrez Batista (1986), the singer from Dominicana. Download and listen to this charming tune.


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