The Weeknd – The Hills

The Hills was released in 2015 in the second album for the Weeknd. It relates to the trap and alternative R&B genre with the album produced by Illangelo and Mano. The song provides a unique outlook on the celebrity lifestyle and unhidden relationships.

How to Download The Weeknd – The Hills

The Hills can be downloaded as a part of the Beauty Behind the Madness album that you can get from Apple Music or from Amazon Music. Click on the Download button at the end of this review. Check out also another popular song by The Weeknd – Starboy.

The Song Review

The Hills Lyrical Interpretation

Have you noticed someone is always watching you? Watching you breathe, eat, and live your life to the fullest? Envious eyes are a bitter reality for celebrities, such as The Weeknd. The song is about fans or paparazzi constantly following influential people, documenting their moves and actions.

The song begins by portraying the life of a famous person. However, the intended listener is the love interest of the singer. Unfortunately, she does not want anyone to know she is dating the Weeknd. Therefore, they date in silence with secret meet-ups away from the camera lens.

The secret love interest may have a boyfriend of her own and the Weeknd is a side-conquest. No one is supposed to know the inevitable destruction pending by the overlapping relationships. However, the Weeknd thinks the love interest has already told her friends about him.

The Weeknd is no saint either. He is not loyal or faithful to the love interest. The Weeknd maintains a philanderer lifestyle with his hedonistic activities. He sleeps with numerous women in the absence of an emotional relationship. Furthermore, the Weeknd is addicted to drugs too. Though he is very much engaged in these activities, the Weeknd feels strongly toward her. She is not like most.

Dare we say it? The Weeknd may be falling in love with the song’s addressee.

However, we do not know who this woman is since she is never called out by her name. This is done deliberately to maintain privacy so the relationship can continue. The Weeknd sincerely feels he is flawed so he would not dare judge what other people do.

Hills have eyes, the hills have eyes
Who are you to judge?
Who are you to judge?
Hide your lies, girl, hide your lies
Only you to trust, only you

The singer will continue to engage with the woman since he is insanely attracted to her. The addressee is too unique to let go as the Weeknd has formed an emotional bond with her.

The Hills Video

A car is upside down in the middle of the street. After a few frames, we see the Weeknd struggling to walk out of the driver’s seat. He is severely injured. As he turns to the other side, two women exit the car too. They are not injured, wearing short dresses with sultry make-up.

The singer walks away from the car as he begins to sing. It appears to be a monologue where the Weeknd is contemplating his actions. The scene started when the sun was out. However, mid-song, it is sunset time and the Weeknd is unsure why he feels what he feels.

The women behind him continue to follow the Weeknd, nagging on him and continuously pulling on his jacket to seek attention. This is an elaborative representation of the lyric where women are constantly seeking physical gratification from the singer.

Ultimately, the singer reaches a mansion. The setting is quite dark and you can’t see much. He walks up the stairs as the last verse reaches conclusion. The Weeknd is welcomed with an audience of the same two young men on the bed and an aged woman staring back at the singer.

Is Someone Watching You?

The Weeknd was surprised to hear there are 67 versions of the song. The real question is which version will you listen to? The song provokes you to think about your actions and their subsequent results on your lifestyle. Consider it a window into the private lives of influential people who always smile sitting in front of a lens.

The Weeknd - The Hills
The Hills is a song by Canadian singer-songwriter the Weeknd (Abel Makkonen Tesfaye). Download it now and have a good time listening to it.
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