XXXTentacion – Sad!

Sad! is an acclaimed song sung by a popular singer and rapper from America, XXXTentacion. This song was part of his 2nd studio album, released in 2018. It was the lead singer who became worldwide famous soon after its release. 

This song was the number one ranking in the Billboard 100 Hot Charts. The sad fact is that XXXTentacion died in 2018 at the peak of his career success. On Spotify, the song reached 1.8 million streams, which was a considerable achievement. Even today, this song is one of the biggest songs in music history and is the best-selling one.

How to Download XXXTentacion – Sad!

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The Song Review

XXXTentacion – Sad! – the Meaning of the Lyrics

If we talk about the lyrics of the song, it has some inside meanings which you will understand once you get to the song. It is clear from the lyrics that the singer has been suffering from severe depression, which started when he faced some issues in his ongoing romantic relationship. 

Singer fears that his relationship with his girlfriend will end one day, which is his biggest fear. And when his girlfriend left him, he went into a deep depression. The singer is portraying the mental issue very clearly in the song. 

A Video Interpretation of XXXTentacion – Sad!

Talking about the video interpretation, it has been so powerfully projected, which will make you fall in love with the beauty of this song. Throughout the whole video, you will see one image, and that is a “question mark (?)”. This shows that there is something inside the singer’s voice and lyrics that he is hiding from the world. 

Check out the song and grab the strong message!

Have You Listened to XXXTentacion – Sad!

Are you ready to catch this beautiful song? If you missed listening to this song, here is the link. Click on it and check out this masterpiece! 

About XXXTentacion

XXXTentacion’s real name was Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy. Professionally he was known as the most famous American singer, rapper, and talented songwriter. At the start of his career, he gained so much love and attention. He died in 2018 from gunshots. 

Most of his music was based on the depression message or has the genre of alienation artwork. He even adds his music with the vocals of nu-metal, emo, hip hop, punk rock, and trap. 

He started writing the music when he was released from the juvenile detention center. In 2013, he released his first song on SoundCloud, which was rap music based on guitar instruments. 

In 2017, he released another great album of his career, Album 17, the biggest album of his singing profession. The song peaked at the number one ranking on Billboard 200 charting. Plus, the song received more than 1.2 billion views when released on YouTube and more than 1.7 billion on Spotify streams. A rapper like him will always stay alive.

XXXTentacion - Sad!
Sad! is a song by the late rapper Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy (1998-2018). Download it now and get to know this controversial musician.
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  • The song is powerfully depicting the mental health condition
  • The beat and bass of the music are pretty strong
  • The video duration is short
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