Animated Movies

Turning Red


So, the wife and I watched Turning Red the Friday it was released on Disney Plus. We thought it was a heartwarming and fun movie from Pixar and thought that most other people would think the same. ...

My Little Pony: Equestria Girls


Whether we like it or not, My Little Pony has been incredibly popular since the television series "Friendship is Magic" blew up among fans of all ages. The brand has never been more popular, and ...

Corpse Bride


Without death, you never fully realize the beauty of living. In Tim Burton's Corpse Bride, we're whisked away from the dull, money-centric Victorian town of the living and brought into the musical, ...

The Angry Birds Movie 2


Interestingly, The Angry Birds Movie surprised me by a) not being bad, and b) actually being pretty entertaining for a movie based on a smartphone game. With the box-office success of the movie, it's ...

The Angry Birds Movie


It's mind-boggling how Hollywood has reached the point of making a mobile game-inspired movie, especially about birds being flown into the air to destroy pigs. I've definitely played the games as a ...

What If…?


You have to give Disney a ton of credit for their Marvel TV shows. The services may have started slow, but the last year has seen them really step up with great content. Fun is probably the best word ...