Biblical Movies

Son of God


Religious films have always been a mixed bag. They’re usually never well-received by the audience due to their severe lack of accuracy to the source material, and more often than not, they cause ...

Joseph: King of Dreams


Released all the way back in 2000, Joseph: King of Dreams is probably the most forgotten of all the movies that DreamWorks have made over the years. I would wager that there are many people who do ...



Darren Aronofsky is one of the most talented writers and directors of the modern age of cinema. We know this for a fact, we have seen his handiwork firsthand and we’ve either been deeply impressed or ...

The Prince of Egypt


Let's take a trip back into the 90s. Disney was king in this era, and there was no other studio making animated films that even came close to comparison. They were responsible for making the best ...

The Star (2017)


The Star is a 2017 Christian comedy movie that is brought to us by Sony Pictures Animation. I think it was pretty brave of them to take a gamble on such a Christian-centric kind of story, but I think ...

The Passion of the Christ


Mel Gibson and biblical films have one thing in common, they're both a major hit or miss situation. Gibson has struggled to make films of the same standard as his 70s and 80s films like Mad Max in ...