Buddy Cop Movies

Lethal Weapon 3


Lethal Weapon had always been a series that managed to increase the stakes and bring in more to love from the acting, the action and the fantastic plot that glued it all together. However, in 1992, ...

Lethal Weapon 2


Well, we all love and adore films that push the boundaries of what cinema can do and showcase, we also love a ton of entertaining content that can be both blockbusters and still thought-provoking. ...

Beverly Hills Cop


Eddie Murphy's name will forever be etched into the world of 80s comedy films. He's done such a tremendous job stretching the name of African-American comedians in that era, and bringing it to a ...

Lethal Weapon (1987)


Richard Donner is often known as the man who brought Superman out of the comic book page and onto the big screens all over the world. However, that's not all that Donner did, in fact, Donner had been ...

22 Jump Street


In 21 Jump Street, Schmidt and Jenko go undercover in a high school to bust a drug ring. In 22 Jump Street, Schmidt and Jenko go undercover in a college to bust a drug ring. Wait, am I watching the ...