Historical Drama Movies

The Patriot


Mel Gibson, is a highly controversial figure in Hollywood. Though, there is still one thing about him that will never be taken back. He is an exceptional filmmaker; some of his films have gone on to ...

Shakespeare in Love


There aren't many stories of unfulfilled love that hit home the same way Shakespeare in Love does. This is a true coming of age, sensual portrait of romantic love that is unlike anything else. The ...

Schindler’s List


When it comes to the work of legendary Steven Spielberg, it is excruciatingly difficult to find a pattern at all. This is a man, known for creating films that transcend beyond our imaginations, and ...



After releasing The Man Without a Face (1993), Mel Gibson developed a knack for directing films. His debut feature film wasn't the best-received film he ever made; in fact, it was a mediocre crime ...

Argo (2012)


There aren't many moments in American history where a conflict has been resolved without much bloodshed. You just genuinely cannot find a time where Americans have resolved conflict without ...

The Crown


The Crown is a Netflix original that has taken the world by storm. As I write this there are four seasons with two more planned that will finish off the series. It is based around the life of Queen ...

The Queen’s Gambit


If you have Netflix, you have heard about The Queen's Gambit. This is the most-watched Netflix original of 2020 and it has become a real phenomenon all over the world. I will admit the thought of ...

Little Women (2019)


I will admit that my only experience of Little Women before this was the fact the 1994 version is a favorite of my wife's. So, while I went into this with an open mind, she and I am sure other fans ...