Parody Movies

Scary Movie 5


The Scary Movie franchise has never been one that breaks the boundaries of filmmaking much like other comedies have done in the past. Instead, it’s a franchise that completely relies on degrading and ...

Scary Movie 4


There are good films and there are bad films, then there is a whole laundry list of films that are simply right there in the middle. The ‘average’ film is a confusing prospect, they’re not really ...

Scary Movie 3


I can’t say that I was a huge fan of the Scary Movie franchise. I’ve seen all of them, and yet I haven’t managed to truly like any of them. They provided me with a giggle here and there, and a ...

Scary Movie 2


Unlike most other genres of film, comedy (and such is Scary Movie 2) is a much simpler beast to analyze and critique. Comedy can simply be gauged by how often you laugh during a stand-up routine, a ...

Scary Movie


When I was a child, parody films were just starting out and they were quite famous. Many of these parody films were doing weird retellings of popular films, such as Disaster Film, Vampires Suck, ...