Psychological Horror Movies



James Wan popped up back in 2004 as a cult horror film legend, out of nowhere. He took the world by storm, because of a little film he made with a group of buddies on a very small, 1.2 million dollar ...

The Silence of the Lambs


Jonathan Demme has consistently remained a director that made films that were decent yet unmotivated, lacking in conviction. His films would have a lot of tension, yet they would be missing a lot of ...

Us (2019 film)


Us is Jordan Peele's follow up to the very entertaining Get Out. Going in it is near impossible not to compare the two movies at the very least at the back of your mind. However, Us is quite a ...

Escape Room

Escape Room

Escape Room is a movie that is getting a lot of attention lately. Just to be clear this is a review of the 2019 Escape Room movie. I say this because there is another movie called Escape Room that ...