War Movies



Greek and Trojan mythology has always been a fantastically written set of stories, odysseys, and memoirs that truly immerse you into an era of colorful, lush personalities and lives. This was an era ...

Pearl Harbor


Anytime I start talking about a Michael Bay film, it feels like I'm being a bully and only criticizing the films for being what they are, explosions on screen for a quick dose of serotonin. However, ...

American Sniper


Regardless of the American Sniper being historically and politically legit or not, there are rarely any recent films that depict the grittiness of war in such a great manner. Clint Eastwood has ...

Hacksaw Ridge


Let's be honest, Mel Gibson created his masterpiece years ago in 1994 when he directed and played the main role Braveheart. This was a film that challenged the entirety of Hollywood in what ...

The Patriot


Mel Gibson, is a highly controversial figure in Hollywood. Though, there is still one thing about him that will never be taken back. He is an exceptional filmmaker; some of his films have gone on to ...

Inglorious Basterds (2009)


What can I say about Quentin Tarantino that hasn't already been said? He makes movies with an abhorrent amount of violence according to conventional standards; despite his films being quite ...

The English Patient


There are always movies that after a while of their popularity start to get overlooked; The English Patient is one such underappreciated gem. This film came out of nowhere back in 1996, and just ...

Saving Private Ryan


Steven Spielberg and creating films that stretch through multiple genres, with multiple variations of filmmaking styles, cinematic depths, and settings is a story older than time. The man is a ...



After releasing The Man Without a Face (1993), Mel Gibson developed a knack for directing films. His debut feature film wasn't the best-received film he ever made; in fact, it was a mediocre crime ...