Classic Shell 4.3.1

Editor's choice Classic_Shell_hero

In a sea of lookalikes, those of us that like to stand out often find ourselves held back by the options available on the market. When it comes to your computer’s OS, this is even more pronounced as ...

cFosSpeed 12.50

Editor's choice cFosSpeed-07

If you work on the Internet, you know how important the speed at which your connection operates can be. From efficiency to just simply uploading and downloading things quickly, your Internet ...

Unchecky 1.2

Editor's choice Unchecky-hero-image

You can never be too safe when you’re downloading new software. The only problem is that some of the free software out there insists that you sit there and constantly click through ads and the like ...

8GadgetPack 35.0

Editor's choice 8GadgetPack-08

Gadgets were a great addition to Windows Vista and a lot of people liked them. The problem is that newer versions of Windows removed gadgets and it’s not ok for a lot of people. Being able to see and ...

Enable Viacam 2.1.0

Editor's choice Enable-Viacam-05

Enable Viacam is a very useful tool designed to help you avoid the use of a mouse, if you want that or if you need that. What it does is it allows you to move the pointer on the screen as you move ...


Editor's choice ImgBurn-hero-image

Though physical media like CDs, DVDs, and BluRays are largely going out of style in the tech world, they are still pretty convenient for storing a bunch of data on the fly or even promoting things ...

WinParrot (13/10/2021)

Editor's choice WinParrot-05

Are you a system administrator that needs to run frequent, recurring tasks on multiple systems? Then you might need a program to help you automate some of your tasks, and there is nothing better than ...

FileOptimizer 15.80.2721

Editor's choice FileOptimizer-07

Working with a lot of files can be a pain, especially if you have to transfer them over the Internet. We’re talking time and effort in organizing and then deploying whatever you’re trying to send. If ...