Editor's choice WinContig-07

One of the biggest and most important tasks any system administrator will undertake on a regular basis is to keep the hard drives of the computers under their watch in the best, most efficient shape ...

HDCleaner 2.029

Editor's choice hdcleaner3-e-2000×1217-45-1010×752

Sometimes a standalone tool that is specific to one task isn’t what you need. Instead, you need something more comprehensive and capable of doing a wide range of tasks, all of which are geared ...

TweakPower 2.022

Editor's choice TweakPower-tp5e-1066×752

If you’re a gamer, developer, or just someone who cares about efficiency, you know how important it is that your computer runs in top condition, and that’s what TweakPower specializes in as software. ...

RegCool 1.320

Editor's choice regcool-e6-2000×1255-5-2000×1255

Do you do a lot of work with system registry? Whether for home or professional purposes? Perhaps you maintain a range of different systems, each with their own requirements, and you need a software ...

PrivaZer 4.0

Editor's choice PrivaZer

Personal data and protecting it is one of the most important security issues facing computer users as more and more of our lives get integrated with the Internet and PrivaZer understands this ...

SysMenu 7.02.8214

Editor's choice SysMenu

The Windows start menu was a revolution when it debuted back on Windows 95. But it isn’t as functional as you might believe. From lacking in search functions to slowing down when you have a ton of ...

PCI-Z 2.0

Editor's choice PCI-Z

If you find yourself frequently searching the Internet for the right PCI device drivers, then you need to stop wasting time and download PCI-Z, a “lightweight system utility” that will help you find ...

Printer’s Apprentice

Editor's choice Printer’s Apprentice

If you’re a publishing professional, graphic artist, web designer, or someone who just likes powerful, simple software, Printer’s Apprentice for Windows systems is one of the longest-running font ...

Create Synchronicity 6.0

Editor's choice Create-Synchronicity-hero-image

Backing up computers is often a painful task, but it shouldn’t be that way. In between coordinating backups between multiple hard drives and archiving it all correctly, you know that if you deal with ...

Smarty Uninstaller 4.10.0

Editor's choice Smarty Uninstaller

Keeping your hard drive clean and free of garbage is typically easier said than done. It helps to have a program that can assist with that, and that is the point of Smarty Uninstaller, an intuitive, ...