Fluxbox 1.3.7

Editor's choice Fluxbox_screenshot_zan

If you are running X Window System, you will probably want to check out the Fluxbox window manager software. This helps you configure your windows in terms of appearance, size, and positioning. In ...


Editor's choice SpaceSniffer

SpaceSniffer iѕ a freeware (donations аrе welcome) аnd portable tool application thаt lets уоu understand hоw folders аnd files аrе structured оn уоur disks. Bу uѕing a Treemap visualization layout, ...



If you are a custom file manager's fan, X-plore can be one of your favorite file managers out there. Having not only the basic file managing features, X-plore comes bundled with many exciting ...


Editor's choice WinNc-copy-actions-bars

WinNc iѕ a file manager software created аnd developed bу Dunes Multimedia, a software company based in Wijk aan Zee, thе Netherlands. Thе focus оf thе company iѕ tо develop multimedia software fоr ...

Wise Disk Cleaner 10.8.6

Editor's choice Wise Disk Cleaner

Wise Disk Cleaner gives you back your misused space on your computer by efficiently eliminating all sorts of excess junk data. With this program, you will be able to reclaim much of the wasted hard ...

BurnAware 15.6

Editor's choice BurnAware Free

BurnAware Free is (as the name suggests) a free, downloadable program designed to create and burn CDs, DVDs or Blu-ray discs. It is available for Windows operating systems such as Windows XP, Vista, ...