A Way Out

A Way Out is an adventure action game, which you can play either on Windows-based machines or on Xbox One and PS4 consoles. The game has been produced by Hazelight studio under the leadership of the Swedish-Lebanese game creator Josef Fares. Just like the previous title he has created (with Starbreeze Studios), Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons from 2013, also the new game has been designed for a co-op play. A Way Out creators did not predict either single-player mode or bots mode.

How to Download A Way Out

To download A Way Out, click on the button at the end of the review. The game is available for download from the Origin website at the Electronic Arts digital store.

The Game Review

You start the game while being transported to a prison. You choose the character you want to play. Then, when you already behind the bars, you learn the backstory of your chosen convict.

Both prisoners initially have only one encounter, but later on, they become the best friends. Leo is a criminal who is aggressive and very impetuous, and Vincent is an oasis of calm and approaches threats with prudence and caution. They become a very well oiled prison escaping machine. Together, they come up with the idea of joining forces to get out of the American prison they are in. The actions of both heroes are observed on the split screen.

During the game, you can talk with other prisoners, while your main goal is to survive and think about how to escape. While you’re on it you can also live a normal prison life, exercise or perhaps participate in fights. After unsuccessful fights, you go to the prison hospital. There are many things to do in prison.

You need to be wary not only of prison guards. You also have to watch out for the aggressive inmates. You can easily guess that they will want to kill you for no special reason.

All the time we have to think intensely about the plan of escape and look for the tools that would help you. In the game, a truly cinematic plot moves the action forward which will make you glued to the screen until the very emotional ending. You will be able to feel like the hero of Prison Break. You should know that the adventure does not end after going to the other side of the prison walls. You are being hunted and you must continue your escape.

In A Way Out, your character can sneak, stun guards, run and shoot. Most of the time you have a choice how to tackle every problem. You can approach each of the obstacles in two ways: one by being thoughtful and cautious or if you prefer, by being ruthless and aggressive.

The game requires strict cooperation and often synchronization of the actions of both players, so you will soon find out if you are able to understand each other well partner and whether you can act quickly during the tense action. Only through cooperation, you will achieve the common goals.

You can see that the creators watched a lot of movies about prisoners and convicts. Quick actions sequences such as disassembling the toilet send shivers down your spine. Realistic graphics and fascinating attention to detail make the game simply great.

A Way Out
A Way Out is a third-person action adventure that has been created for the co-op mode. Download the game and escape from prison with your friend
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