Ape Out

Ape Out is one of those games where for me at least it came out of nowhere. It is best described as a beat em up, but it has more surprises than you would think. Ape Out is currently on PC and Nintendo Switch. The version I played was on the Nintendo Switch, but it is my understanding that they are both the same.

How to Download Ape Out

You can download the PC version of Ape Out either from GOG.com or Steam. To begin downloading, click on the button below the review.

The Game Review

Ape Out is a game where the apes are kept captive and they need you to get them out! That is the basic idea of the game and the goal is the same in each level. You play as an ape and you need to get to the exit, killing and smashing as you do. It is one of the most addictive games I have played this year and you always want to have one more go.

Before I get to the gameplay I have to talk about the presentation. Ape Out is a truly gorgeous game to look at and listen to. I am not sure how I would describe the top-down 2D graphics, but they are super bright and they look fantastic even though there is very little detail.

The sound is even better than the graphics! I love the soundtrack of this game. It has a very jazzy soundtrack of drums and other jazz instruments and it fits the action perfectly. I found myself constantly tapping my toes as I was making my ape smash some dude into a wall and explode into a pool of blood!


That is right Ape Out has blood and it has it by the bucket load! The game only has two controls that you need to worry about. You can push and you can grab. You can push enemies into the walls, out of windows and into each other. When they die they do so in a ton of blood and it is very fun to watch.

Grabbing enemies adds a bit more strategy to the game. You can throw them, but enemies also have weapons like machine guns and flame throwers Once grabbed an enemy with a weapon will fire off a few shots, thus allowing you to be an ape with a gun! It is very fun and very satisfying when you figure out how to use this ability to your best advantage.

You can also smash through some walls and windows, plus you can grab steel doors. These steel doors do not just give you access to a new area, but they can also shield you from bullets. This is another thing that adds to the strategy of the game. I would not say that Ape Out is a really hard game and on the normal difficulty you will probably get through the four stages in a few sittings, but the challenge is just right.

There is some trial and error to get through a level as you figure out what works and what does not and I found it very clever the way the levels were procedurally generated as you play. This makes it hard to ever get too comfortable with what is happening.

Ape Out is a really fun game. It is a game that when you see the trailer for you think that it looks cool. Once you play it though it gets its hooks into you so fast that you are addicted to it like an ape is addicted to bananas. If you are looking for something a little different to play, I highly recommend that you check this out.

Ape Out
Ape Out is a colorful action game in which you assume the role of an ape that causes mass destruction. Download it now and enjoy smashing.
9 Total Score
Ape Out Review Summary

  • The game looks like a million bucks
  • One of the best soundtracks of the year
  • Controls are very easy to get the hang of
  • Plenty of strategy involved
  • Levers are procedurally generated
  • A few more stages would have been nice
  • It can sometimes be a little too bright
User Rating: 5 (1 vote)
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