Battlerite is an animated fantasy game available for free download, which contains elements borrowed from MOBA and Battle Royale genres. The title is, in essence, a multiplayer PVP team arena brawler game. There are different heroes who have different skills. Your task is to battle the opponents alone or in a group. The basic version of the game is free, but there are also paid extras. The game can boast an advanced engine with impressive graphics. Battlerite was released on November 8, 2017, by Stunlock Studios. The game has several language versions, for example, English, German and Spanish.

How to Download Battlerite

To download Battlerite, visit Steam. The game is completely free. To start downloading, click on the Download button at the end of this review.

The Game Review

The game’s main focus is fighting. Battlerite developers have put a lot of emphasis on fighting technique and tactics. Thanks to the thoughtful in-game story, the players have a lot of tactics and character control options to choose from. After choosing your hero, you get into the middle of the battle. You can freely modify, develop and improve your character. Each champion has different unique powers and features. The top view allows for comfortable character management and lets you focus on a skirmish with your current dangerous enemy.

The fantastic world of Battlerite offers eye-pleasing graphics and well-designed objects. The maps are large and allow for a huge number of diverse tactics. You have many weapons, methods of attack and locations available. Each hero has a set level of endurance. Health decreases as you receive blows from opponents.

For an additional price, you can buy additional items such as soundtrack, permanent experience boost, golf chests, special legendary mounts, new characters, enhancements for your heroes, upgrades, buildings, golden font for chatting or other decorative elements. give Battlerite a rating of 9.5 out of 10 in our Battlerite review.

Battlerite Add-ons

Steam offers frequent updates of the game version. A big plus is that the game is constantly being developed and every now and then new elements are introduced. Battlerite is very popular among players, as evidenced by positive reviews on the web, including Steam. It is difficult to find weak spots in the game.

Battlerite can be thought of as a sequel to the previous title of Stunlock Studios, which was Bloodline Champions. May game mechanics of Battlerite have been taken from its predecessor which will undoubtedly appeal to the fans of the original game

Battlerite Champions

The champions in Battlerite can be divided with regard to their roles. Thus you have melee, ranged and support classes. Here they are:

Melee Battlerite Champions

  • Bakko – the Hero of Boulder Pass, wields Blood Axe and a massive shield
  • Croak – agile frog Ranid Assassin, wields two blades
  • Freya – the Eye of a Storm, a red-haired beauty wielding two hammers
  • Raigon – the Exiled Prince, a handsome man who carries a sword with a huge broad blade
  • Rook – the Hungering Berserker monster, it paralyzes the enemies with a great pestle and a truncheon
  • Ruh Kaan – the Crypt Warden, the magician and the ruler of the shadow, wields an intimidating bone scythe
  • Shifu, also called the Spear, a gray-haired master with a dark complexion
  • Thorn – the Twisted Horror – it gives blows with thorns, looks like a monstrous tree

The Ranged Champions

  • Ashka – the Molten Fury, an inconspicuous short hero projecting fiery missiles
  • Destiny – the Sky Ranger, long-legged, blue-haired girl with a plasma gun on her right shoulder
  • Ezmo – the Mischievous, the short, hooded wielder of magical fire, uses a book of spells
  • Iva – the scavenging inventor, he carries everything he needs on his back, he shoots from a gun that looks like a strange battery
  • Jade – the Lone Gunner, this white-haired stylishly dressed beauty wields classic wild west revolvers and wears a rifle on her back
  • Jumong – the Beast Hunter, he is dressed in bearskin and uses a huge bow
  • Taya – the Wind of the West, the punk in the blue mask, the boomerang is an effective weapon in her hands
  • Varesh – the Eternal, levitating, projectile shooting cyborg, which was formed from stolen energy

Supporting Champions

  • Blossom – the Forest Mender, young and funny female faun with a bird on her head, her weapons are the forces of nature
  • Lucie – the Expelled Alchemist who had to leave school due to insubordination, a bit crazy and rebellious
  • Oldur – the Time Mender, a beast with fiery eyes, it wields a large hourglass and can bend time and space
  • Pearl – the Ocean Sage, a tiny black-haired female magician with a powerful wand
  • Pestilus – Lord of the Swarm, a priest of Quna, devotee of evil Rasala, he’s fat and has green skin
  • Poloma – a psychopomp, or a guide of souls, a red-haired shaman, supported by her little companion, the big-eared, white-skinned Toki
  • Sirius – the Zenith, a bald magician commanding the energy of stars

The Games Similar to Battlerite

Battlerite has a lot of competition. You need to pay attention to such titles as Dota 2, SMITE or Prime World. The high level of involvement from the developers and a large number of players allows predicting that Battlerite will be one of the leading titles on the PVP arena games scene. The game also guarantees a fairly high level of difficulty, which increases the fun and makes the gameplay more attractive.

The Hardware Requirements

The Hardware Requirements for Battlerite are not too demanding. To play Battlerite, all you need is a dual-core 2.8 GHz processor, 2GB of RAM and broadband internet. The game is controlled with the use of the keyboard and mouse.

Battlerite is a free fantasy team brawler played in the arena. Download it today and choose your champion to overcome the enemies.
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