BattleRush is a free-to-play FPS developed by Thunder Devs. and released on Dec 8, 2017. BattleRush takes place in the WWII era where players experience the battlefield with traditional weapons of the era taking sides with either the Allies or the Axis teams. Players are placed on a battlefield with up to 50 people playing at one time on large-scale battlefield with strategic buildings and vehicles to be accessed to march toward victory.

How to Download BattleRush

To download BattleRush for free click on the Download button at the end of the review. The game is available on the Steam platform.

The Game Review

The highlight of BattleRush is that anything can be broken and blown up given the right tools offering players creative means to achieve their goals. Players are also able to find and gather resources to craft various traps, items, tanks, and more that will aid in various ways to conquer the battlefield. There are also open-world elements to the game that offer a lot of creative freedom as to what the player can do beyond the stated.

Consequently, the game offers no specific objective other than to create a stronghold with your teammates while invading and eliminating the enemy team as often as possible as game mode selection is limited to one thus far. However, the single-game mode has proven itself enjoyable maintaining some balance between chaos and strategy.

While there is less strategic focus, the game may be comparable to the ARMA series but in low poly that may prove beneficial to those looking for alternatives with a lesser system requirement. It should also be noted that BattleRush, as its name would suggest, is played at a very fast pace in the heat of the action and players will find themselves fighting in every direction, unlike the ARMA series noted for its more “professional” approach as the genre. Personally, I would like to call BattleRush a more “casual” style of game as the drop-in and out system takes off the pressure of having to stay committed for an objective as the game aims to provide fun through freedom. This is by no means, however, calling the strategic aspect of the game poor as in rock, paper, scissors, certain items, and weapons will be more viable against certain things the enemy had built for you to go up against.

The game is played through server selection and a drop-in system for those joining. As soon as you do drop in, team selection greets you in either selecting the Axis or Allies of WWII. The selection of certain countries that are available to the Allies or Axis changes the variations of weapons that are given at the start of the game. DLCs also offer a greater variety of starting classes and guns associated with each country as well as different types of vehicles.  

BattleRush is a free downloadable action game that takes you to the WWII era. Download the game and create an army to play against others in a multiplayer war.
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