Bladed Fury

Bladed Fury is a 2018 downloadable action game developed and published by NEXT Studios. The game is set in ancient China with the main story being based on Chinese history.

How to Download Bladed Fury

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The Game Review

Bladed Fury is inspired by the 2009 action RPG Muramasa: The Demon Blade in terms of gameplay and design. It revolves around the female character named Ji, the younger daughter of Duke Kang of Qi.

The Story

Players get to experience the life of Ji as she escapes from her palace after an internal coup takes place, which kills Duke Kang and establishes the Tian family as the ruler of Qi. The game was officially released on 18th December 2018 and is available to play on the platforms of Microsoft Windows.

Bladed Fury is a single-player game which only features one gameplay mode in the form of the campaign. The campaign storyline focuses on the princess of Qi named Ji. The game begins with an intro cutscene, explaining the circumstances as to how Duke Kang’s 19-year reign was suddenly taken down due to unrevealed circumstances.

As a result, the duke himself is murdered with her elder daughter house arrested. The remaining younger daughter escapes and goes into self-exile. The game then begins as players get to control Ji, who goes on a quest to redeem her family’s honor.

The Combat and the Enemies in Bladed Fury

The combat system in this game is relatively simple. It consists of basic attacks and combos that can be performed by pressing specific buttons at one time. There are two weapons that are used as a means of attacking.

The first one consists of light dual swords that, as the name suggests, inflicts less damage but at a faster rate. The second one is the greatsword attack that is slow but deals more damage to the enemies.

Enemies that are killed by Ji drop off souls of two kinds: yellow ones that can be used to upgrade Ji’s abilities and green souls to restore her health points. The skill points, in turn, can be used to increase Ji’s overall abilities that can increase both her offense and defense.

Having been set in ancient China, Bladed Fury features traditional Chinese art style and background music. Additionally, the entire game is set in a 2D environment which upholds the Chinese versatility.

Moving on again to the enemies, Bladed Fury features two types of antagonists in the game. There are those enemies, such as the guards, skeletons, that can be easily defeated by Ji. However, the other enemies are mainly those bosses that are comparatively more challenging. Players are required to eventually master the combat combination system in order to efficiently defeat them.

The Bottom Line

Overall, Bladed Fury is a game which was received with positive praise.

Fans complimented how the game improvised the traditional Chinese theme that adjusted to the whole campaign storyline. Further, the combat system is also quite diverse in the sense that it is easy to understand but difficult to master on a whole.

Bladed Fury
Bladed Fury is a hack and slash action game. Download it now to visit Ancient China setting and to meet demanding opponents.
8.5 Total Score
Bladed Fury Review Summary

  • Simple, yet intriguing graphics
  • Diverse combat system that gives a number of options for the players to apply during enemy fights
  • 2D graphics environment, allowing only a limited amount of map exposure
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