Cloud Pirates

At first look Cloud Pirates opens up into a magical looking world within the clouds. If you have ever seen Treasure Island then the game will clearly remind you of that with the ships that are among the clouds. The game itself is a fast paced MMO that will suck you in right away between the enchanting graphics and fun playing the game. You will be attacking other pirate ships with cannons and protecting your own.

Features of Cloud Pirates MMO

There are many features to the game that allows one to get immersed into.  On the website one can also find wallpapers and more graphics that both tell about the game and allow players to get graphics for their computers. The game is free to play. Still certain in-game items have to be acquired for real money.

At the beginning like most games Cloud Pirates does walk you through the basics allowing one to get the hang of the game. Then it is throwing you in the fantasy world,. This is great because once you have the hang of the game you may never want to stop playing.  You get to choose your character and are given a standard ship throughout the game. The battles that you complete one can upgrade both character and ship allowing both to be personalized.

Cloud Pirates – Saving Your Progress… in the Cloud

The game is played online only. Still the great thing is that the games has autosave feature. No matter how much you play and whatever you do does get saved for your profile. You can resume the game and still keep your level that you have worked so hard to get to.

Cloud Pirates Gameplay

When it comes to leveling up you are greatly encouraged to so because that unlocks new items. What is more for every time that you level up you get some kind of reward for doing so. This is done in order to help you keep going and keep leveling up. Of course every time you level up it does take a little bit more work to get to the next level. This is normal for this type of game and most levels are still reasonably easy to be able to level up.

Cloud Pirates: Overview and technical support

The game is very fun to play, and very addictive plus it always keeps you informed about new features. You will find this news on the game’s website. It has all the information on the latest news and updates that are available. Another thing worth notice is a forum for players to interact and let the game company know about any problems. These for example include issues with updates not working right so they can be fixed within a timely manner. It is clear that the makers of Cloud Pirates take pride in their work. They have created a beautiful world for those to play, and battle in as you take hold of your inner pirate.

Cloud Pirates

Cloud Pirates is an action MMO in which you take command of a pirate airship and blast your cannons to destroy enemies.

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