Counter-Strike 1.6

Counter-Strike 1.6 is a downloadable computer game with the first-person perspective view. We play as an armed fighter (choosing one of the sides of the conflict – the terrorists or the antiterrorits), who, depending on the set goals of the map, need to accomplished a predetermined task. Our main activity in the game is shooting at the opponents but sometimes the game can be won without firing a single bullet. What counts in CS 1.6 are: reflex, skills, knowing the map, tactical abilities and team cooperation.

Download CS 1.6

Counter-Strike 1.6 can be downloaded from Steam. The game is paid but it can be downloaded for free if we pay in advance and then return it in within two weeks not playing more than 2 hours during this time.

What is CS 1.6?

The game was created as a mod to Half-Life and quickly became a worldwide hit. During this time the game gave the players lots of thrills to the fans of e-sport. They competed in CS 1.6 for large prize pools. CS 1.6 for many was a dream come true – they started to earn money playing games they liked. There are people in the world who make a living by playing only this game. There were also successors to the original Counter-Strike but the king was always the 1.6 version which dominated the FPS scene for years. The latest game in the series is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive which at the time of writing is number one. In CS 1.6 there are the following types of maps:

  • Hostage Rescue,
  • Bomb Defuse,
  • Assassination,
  • Escape,
  • And many other types of maps made by fans, for example, shooting practice.

Counter-Strike 1.6 – The Player’s Guide

Many people comment that this game is simple and all goes down to shooting the opponents. They are terribly wrong. For example, in order to control weapon’s recoil, one has to practice for hours. There are maps created solely for this purpose. In order to play at the professional level, one needs the best mouse pad, a highly precise professional gamer’s mouse with a cord and a pair of high-quality headphones. The most important aspect of the game, however, is the cooperation of the players. It’s because of this factor that the advantage over the opponents is built. Playing without microphone means quick failure. One can also type in the chat but it is more cumbersome and slows us down. Often before we type in the last word, we are dead.

One needs to be intimately familiar with the map they play on. know about the position one should take in order to surprise the opponents. One needs to know where the opponents are likely to be. On the maps where the terrorists need to plant a bomb, it’s difficult to succeed without knowing the best place for this operation. It’s worth to learn and master the required tactics beforehand. This knowledge will help us win the game. The best players can train for hours to master throwing the grenade precisely in the desired spot.

When trying to compare Counter-Strike 1.6 to other game, many fans of the first-person shooters will tell you that this is the total number one as far as this type of games goes. The game is fair, the more you train, the more you effort put into it, the better you become, which is tremendously satisfying. CS 1.6 lets you meet many fantastic players by the means of voice chat and during live competitions. Even hundreds of hours of gameplay will never leave you bored. Many fanatics pay this title for years.

Counter-Strike 1.6

Counter-Strike 1.6 is mutiplayer cooperative shooter made buy the creators of Half-Life. Download it now and compete online.

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