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At this point what is there left to say about Death Stranding? No other game designer (except Miyamoto) has the same kind of hype behind their games that Hideo Kojima does. With that being said, Death Stranding has had more eyes on it than perhaps any other game that has been released in the last few years.

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To download the game, click on the Download button that is located below this review. The game has some references to Half-Life and Half-Life 2, so check out the reviews of these games on MadDownload too.

The Game Review

I am sure that you have heard the “jokes” about how Death Stranding has you basically playing as a delivery guy. Well all jokes aside, but that is pretty much what this game is about. However, the game as you would expect from Kojima is very, very story-driven and I think that there is a good story here once you get to the heart of it.

You play as Sam Porter Bridges who is a courier and he is tasked with a very important job. Sam needs to deliver supplies to remote colonies so that they can all be connected together. Why do these colonies need to be connected together? Well, that is because of The Death Stranding.

This was an event that decimated the country. These entities called Beached Things have started to appear and they are from what is basically the area between life and death. They are causing chaos in that they can cause explosions and even this rain that causes people to age and die. It is a horrible world that mankind is living in and to try and survive it mankind is living in remote outposts that are spread out from each other.

As this is a Hideo Kojima game there are many twists and turns as I am sure you would expect. Overall, the story here is great, but it is not without its flaws. In typical Kojima fashion, this game lasts a very long time, but most of the side missions I felt were not that great and took away from the main plot.

As strange as this may sound, Death Stranding to me is best experienced going straight from one main plot point to the next. The story has far more impact that way, even if it is not the way Kojima intended you to play the game. Speaking of playing the game, let’s get to the gameplay.

You are tasked with taking deliveries from place to place and walking, due to the weight is not as easy as you would think. As a matter of fact, just walking in a straight line over some rough terrain can be frustrating as hell! It takes a while to get used to that is for sure and even things like trucks or a motorbike do not make it any easier. If anything, I found that these could sometimes make it even harder.

Most of what you are doing in this game is walking. There are also some combat elements where you fight against Beached Things, bandits, and terrorists as well. The combat is rather basic and you may want to run instead, but that is up to you. The “baby” that most of the hype was built around is a really cool story point, but it can also give you special abilities that you can use as you progress through the game.

The presentation is truly incredible. I played through this on a standard PlayStation 4 and thought that it looked great. The world that they have created here is dark, depressing, and horrible, but there is that little glimmer of hope that I could see. It is supported by some awesome voice acting that makes you care about some of the characters way more than you would think.

Death Stranding is a game that I feel is 100 percent not for everyone. I enjoyed my time with it, but I do not think I would ever feel the need to play through it again. I can see some people hating this game and in all honesty, I can see why. The thing is, it is the kind of game you really have to play and play for a few hours to see if it is for you.

Death Stranding
Death Stranding is an open-world science fiction action game. Download it now to experience an incredible story.
9 Total Score
Death Stranding Review Summary

  • I found the main story to be very well done
  • The voice acting is solid
  • It looks incredible
  • While you do play as “a delivery guy” there is more to the game than that
  • It is the kind of game that is fun to talk about with other fans
  • I can understand why some people will not get into this game at all
  • Some of the things that are supposed to “help” you move around, make things worse!
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