Deceit is a free downloadable game created by Automaton. The studio is also the creator of Project X, the 400 player battle royale game. Deceit entered the market in March 2017. It can be compared to Dead by Daylight, in which, quite similarly, the players need to escape from a dangerous zone while one of them is a killer. Deceit is a game for players who like the feeling of horror. They can download and play it completely free via the Steam platform. The game is played on several maps, and six players can take part. Two of them are randomly destined to be infected.

How to Download Deceit

Deceit can be downloaded completely free from the Steam platform. Nothing is known yet about the version of Deceit for PS4 or Xbox One. The owners of the game can also download the paid DLC entitled Deceit – Werewolf Pack. It adds the opportunity to change into a werewolf, which has different characteristics than the originally infected baddie. The non-infected heroes get a new weapon – a machete. To start the download, click on the Download button at the end of the review.

The Gameplay

You start the game waking in a psychiatric hospital, with your fellow players in the same room. There are six of you, three men – Chuck, Hans, Alex and three women – Lisa, Rachel, and Nina. Fate determines which of you is healthy and who’s an infected monster. The goal of the innocent ones will be to get out of the hospital. To this end, It will be helpful to collect weapons. You can have a knife, a rifle, and a pistol.

You also have the ability to communicate with other players, exchange information with them, and share impressions on who might be the killer in disguise. It builds tension and creates a sense of danger. The hospital’s grim atmosphere and the lack of lighting at certain times deliver just the right atmosphere. It is important to observe which of the players secretly try to drink blood contained in plastic bags on racks scattered here and there.

During the game, at one point darkness falls. Then the task of the healthy players is to find fuses place in them in a fuse box and to turn on the lights. Meanwhile, the infected, after having drunk the blood, can turn into monsters. This gives them unnatural strength, speed and increased visibility in the dark. Thus, they have a better chance of attacking and infecting the innocent players.

If an innocent player is bitten by a monster, the other players can help him or her by giving them an antidote. In order to recognize who’s infected (to kill him before he turns into a monster), in addition to observation, it can help to find a camera and document what the suspect is doing. You can then set a trap for the monster near the blood containers. Taking a photo of other players while someone else is transformed into a monster can also give you the evidence of who’s not infected.

Anyway, an infected player has the ability to confuse other players that he is innocent. He can also easily frame others claiming he saw them drinking blood. While the light is on, the infected player has time to confuse his victims and convince other players about his innocence or point at the other players as infected.

The participants of the game, when having suspicions about one of the players have the right to bring him to the ground and vote for removing him or her from the game. The players vote by giving blows to the suspect. This option does not work when an infected has been turned into a monster.

After placing all fuses in the box, the next goal of the healthy players is to escape to the next level. After passing the last level, the players escape from the psychiatric hospital.

The Review of Deceit

Deceit is an extremely addictive multiplayer game and, what is important, one that is absolutely free. MadDownload in this review gives this game a rating of 8 out of 10.

Deceit is an FPP game for six people, from which the two are infected. During the night they turn into monsters to exterminate the others. Discover who is the beast. Download the game completely for free and join the bloody fun.
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