Devil May Cry 5

Devil May Cry 5 is the best game in the series and is surely going to go down as one of the best games of 2019. If that is not a strong way to start a review I do not know what is! I actually liked the “reboot” DMC, but I must admit when I heard that for Devil May Cry 5, Capcom were going back to the way things were I was happy.

How to Download Devil May Cry 5

You can download the game from Steam. And if you like hack slash titles check out also Bayonetta, you won’t be disappointed.

The Game Review

Let’s start by talking about the story. You are looking at around 12 – 14 hours to get through the story. The story features Dante and Nero as you know, but the most interesting aspect of the story are the two new characters that it introduces. V who joins Dante and Nero and then there is the big bad, Urizen who is a demon king.

The story jumps all over the place in terms of the timeline, but it works very well and rather than feel lost. The story keeps you guessing, right up until the very end I could not make up my mind if V was a friend or if he would turn out to be a foe. The main aspect of the story is that V enlists Dante’s help to try and put a stop to Urizen and as you play you find out more about these two characters.

Devil May Cry 5 lets you play as Dante, Nero and V. Dante plays just like he always has done and that is a good thing. He has a ton of different guns and melee weapons at his disposal and he can switch between them on the fly. Nero plays considerably different and has his own abilities, my favorite being Punchline as this lets you get really crazy with the attacks and the combos you can do.

Then we have the new kid on the block, V. V is unlike anything we have played as before in a Devil May Cry game. V does not actually attack enemies himself. Instead, he uses these three really badass looking creatures to fight for him. What is interesting though is that V has to finish the enemies off himself. So you send out your creatures, let them attack then teleport in for the killing blow.

I will not lie, playing a V takes some getting used to, but his sections do not last all that long and there are not that many of them. Still, playing as V is something of a breath of fresh air and once it all clicks, you really do start to have some fun with him.

The combat is the best that the series has ever had. It is faster, more chaotic and just generally better in every regard. One of the best things about the Devil May Cry series is the fact that you have so much choice in regards to how you play it. The way you chain together attacks will probably be very different from the way I do it.

Which is even more true the more you play the game. It is like every five minutes the game is giving you something new to have fun with. This keeps things fresh and it also makes you wonder just what the heck you are going to get to play with next.

Devil May Cry 5 is not the hardest game in the series. Actually even on the default difficulty setting it is a bit of a breeze due to the fact you can use gold orbs to come back to life with all your health and meters full. Or you can use red orbs to come back to life at a more depleted state. The challenge really lies in getting as many S ranks as you can.

By far Devil May Cry 5 is one of the best games released in 2019 so far. It is a fantastic action game and one of the best in the whole genre actually. Without a doubt, this is a game that is a must buy!

Devil May Cry 5
Devil May Cry 5 is a fantastic fast-paced hack and slash action game. Download it and fight as Dante, Nero or V.
9 Total Score
Devil May Cry 5 Review Summary

  • The story is great
  • The two new main characters are very interesting
  • Each character has their own play style
  • Getting S ranks is quite the challenge
  • Combat could not be any more fun
  • It is not that hard
  • It is so good it leaves you wanting more!
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