Without meaning, to rip-off, every pun known to man Dusk is a blast to play, albeit, it relishes in its blood-stained barbarism. The sheer, wild nature of its speedy combat creates a potent concoction of carnage when spliced together with the brutality of its brawling.

In short, this nightmarish first-person shooter tips its cap to the classic shoot-to-kill entries of the nineties. It just shows, there is still a market for old-school indie shooters, even when the graphics emulate those of a previous generation.

How to Download Dusk

Dusk can be downloaded from Steam. To start your download, simply click on the Download link located below the game review.

The Game Review: A Bone-Shredder of A Slug-Fest

The Old

Long gone are the glory days, when pioneer shooters reigned supreme. Just think, you would have to cast your mind back quarter of a century, to be part of the Doom effect, and its hostile take-over of the genre.

An era that brought about the emergence of future-franchise greats, for instance, Duke Nukem, Wolfenstein 3D and others of similar pedigree. Fast forward in time, and we see widespread evolution of the genre, with new titles like Half-Life, Hexen and Redneck Rampage enabling us to spray bullets as we have never done before. It’s enough to leave you Quake-in in your boots.

That was then; this is now. We may have come on leaps and bounds since, but still, that doesn’t change the fact that those past FPS slug-fests were a joy to play and continue to be to this day.

… and the New Dusk

So then, it would seem these games were just doomed to the shrapnel scrap-heap, see what I did there… Until now that is. Welcome to Dusk, a modern FPS, developed by David Szymanski. Finally, a game that gives those retro classics the fitting tribute they deserve.

Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty shall we, the bare bones of it, if you like. Backed by a blood-pumping, heavy-metal OST, players come face-to-face with frightening foes, in a quest to discover the origins of Earths underbelly, and what resides within. What’s more, there’s a gambit of guns with which to wreak havoc on the world.

Whether that’s the cut-throat swords and sickles or the bare-faced belligerence of rocket and grenade launchers, either way, vast amounts of crimson drops will be shed. Soon enough, those itchy trigger-fingers become too much of an urge. If Rambo could see you now, he may well share a testimonial tear or two.

Think of the most odd-ball enemies you could ever wish to encounter, now times that by ten and bring them to the boil in a blood-based broth. That is what you have here. Well not quite, but you grasp the picture. I mean, taking out wave after wave of necromancing cultists, loonie soldiers and other vile monstrosities with a revved-up arsenal, now that’s my idea of fun.

Dusk is a horror first-person shooter game created in a retro style. Download it now and kill all your evil enemies with a choice of deadly and cool weapons.
9 Total Score
Dusk Review Summary

Dusk is a frenzied skirmish of outlandish nature, that acts as a high-fidelity tribute to the titles that gave birth to the genre, way back when, in the nineties. Dusk knows what it is, and yet it prances around flaunting its carnage-rich undies anyway. It’s unashamedly bloody and brutal, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Finally, it stands as living proof, that games do not have to possess nearest-gen visuals to garner a fun time.

  • High octane, pulse-racing gunplay
  • Awesome heavy-metal soundtrack
  • Retro-style visuals
  • The end of an era
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