For Honor

For Honor from Ubisoft is a multiplayer or single-player hack-and-slash action fighting game spanning the world’s medieval combat styles. It was released in 2017 for both Microsoft Windows and Xbox One as well as Sony’s PlayStation 4. For Honor is an amazingly realized combat simulator that places players into different combat scenarios throughout history with the goal of overcoming their opponents.

How to Download For Honor

To enjoy For Honor click on the Download button at the end of the review. You will download the full game from Steam. There is also For Honor Season pass available. An additional offer worth considering is a bundle – you download the game and purchase Steam Controller.

The Game Review

First debuting at the Electronic Entertainment Exposition back in 2015, For Honor offers three distinct factions to choose from including The Iron Legion Knights, The Chosen Samurai, and The Warborn Vikings. The designs for these three factions resemble that of a knight, samurai, and Viking as their names would imply but there is a strong fantasy element to the game meaning players should not confuse this title with something that is gunning for historical accuracy or authenticity.

One neat touch is that each faction speaks a language that would be associated with it in history such as the knights speaking Latin and the samurai speaking Japanese. Within each faction, there are various classes of combat that players can choose from with their own advantages and disadvantages when it comes to in-game combat.

Vanguards, for example, is the typical well-balanced class with stats that hit right down the middle. Assassins are fast and good at dueling with other players or computer-controlled enemies but this speed comes at a cost in terms of how much damage they do to those enemies. Heavies are the equivalent of World of Warcraft tanks and are best for holding down positions of conflict and delivering powerful but slow attacks. The last class on offer, hybrids, give players a combination of two of the three aforementioned types offering them a set of unique skills entirely unto themselves.

Heroes are entirely unique and each employs a unique fighting style to boot. When in combat players are often accompanied by weaker minions that, while no mortal threat to opponents, do help out in combat. When players achieve certain in-game objectives or pull off certain maneuvers the player is rewarded with perks and bonuses to acknowledge their proficient gameplay. When other players are encountered or artificial intelligence controlled opponents the game enters a new mode called the Art of Battle. This gameplay mode is different and involves a kind of duel between the two players that has to be experienced to be believed.

In addition to the single-player mode, there is a robust multiplayer mode in For Honor that consists of six modes including Dominion, Brawl, Duel, Skirmish, Elimination, and Tribute.

For Honor features a slew of downloadable content and in-game purchases including 18 heroes. While the focus of For Honor is on multiplayer online gameplay against other opponents it also features a fully-featured single-player mode with a narrative campaign that is both deep and unique. Players that enjoy a narrative will find For Honor’s unique take on historical tropes such as samurais and Vikings intriguing and engaging. The lore stands out for its fusion and wins audiences over with its execution which is both appropriate and in-keeping with the game’s aesthetic and gameplay.

For Honor
For Honor is an action game with a focus on fighting. Set in the medieval times it lets you play as knights, samurai or Vikings. Download it and win.
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