Fighting Games

Fighting games constitute a genre of video games in which you control a hero who fights another opponent which is controlled by another player or by computer. Depending on the game, the character may use kicks, punches, but also use swords and firearms. Special abilities and magical skills are also commonplace. In most games, two characters are facing each other and fight until one of them has zero health points.

Among the best-known titles that started this genre are Yie Ar Kung Fu, The Way of the Exploding Fist, and International Karate, which were all published in the eighties. The first fighting games, however, appeared in the 1970s. Heavyweight Champ from 1976 is considered the first game of this genre.

Fighting games are often released in series. One of the most popular fighting games series is Mortal Kombat. In the beginning, Mortal Kombat games were released on arcade machines and only later were they converted to consoles and computers. In Mortal Kombat, you choose from dozens of characters and then move up the career ladder to fight the boss at the very end. The game has become famous for the high level of brutality and so-called fatalities.

Street Fighter is also a title that remembers the times of arcade machines. The first game in the series was produced in the late eighties. In the game, you choose one hero from eight characters with special skills. You fight one on one against the opponent until you win two rounds. The player who eliminates the competitor wins.

Another important title in the world of fighting games is Tekken. This title also had its beginnings on slot machines, and then it was ported to consoles and PCs. The game, like most fighting games, offers a system in which you choose one of the heroes, after which you fight one on one or two against two in closed or partially closed arenas. In 2017, the seventh title in the series was released.

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